Forehead fat graft at ruby plastic surgery


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Apr 12, 2020
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to quickly review my experience with forehead fat transfer at ruby plastic surgery in Seoul. I’m an American and traveled to Korea for two jaw surgery. While I was here, I decided to also get a fat transfer to my forehead. After looking at before and after photos, I decided to go to Ruby. The English translator was friendly and fluent. They were able to accommodate the fact that I was recovering from two jaw surgery by taking the fat from the front of my thighs, so I did not have to lie on my stomach. They were also very affordable with some negotiation. I was definitely more swollen than I anticipated after the procedure, but I’m now 6 days post op and liking my results. You don’t usually think of the forehead when considering cosmetic procedures but it can subtlety rejuvenate the face without looking overdone.