forecast: whether and when will bay be on sale?

  1. i know many of us are mad for the bay..wooowwww, a dream bag...:nuts: :yes:

    i definitely want to buy a white quilted and a black/moka unquilted. but since the chloe bags will be on sale before long (i bought my padd with full price:crybaby:) ,let us forecast that the bay will run on this way too?

    and also, imo the dark one is more often to be put on sale, plus the white quilted one is rare released(heard from one tpfer), so shall i buy the white one right now and wait for dark bay with cheap price?

    what do you think?
    i am almost crazy for it!!!!!:hysteric:
  2. here, japan, all these designers brand are more expensive~~~

    (i am not a japanese, i prefer online shopping)
  3. i dont think it will be on sale yet, it has just been released .
  4. Its impossible to predict!!

    f its anything like the paddy, the first 4 seasons will not go on sale I am afraid,

    if it is not as popular (buzz dictates at the moment that it may well be), say like the tracey, then it will go on sale, but obviously it wont be until the end of the season :smile:
  5. Hi sheren - I just read a post by BagAngel with pictures of her new white quilted Bay. Maybe you could PM her and see where she got hers?
  6. Generally when there is a release of a highly anticipated bag, it usually will take a few season for it to go on sale. Because they probably aren't producing that many.
  7. txs, gals.

    actually i don`t want to spend more than 3000 usd on two bays! the best way maybe is to buy one and wait for or more years???? terrible!

    i think i need a parttime job to earn my bay!

  8. thanks for your advice. i have seen her pics, really nice bag, isn`t it?
  9. Looks like a Chloe Bahrain has marked down some 20%....