Ford dealerships and LV....

  1. I am in Michigan right now and last night the Metro Detroit Ford dealerships were promoting their new Ford EDGE!!

    It was Ladies Night at each participating dealership and they served appetizers, soup, beverages, sushi, shrimp,etc....well, I went to a local Ford dealership and at the end of the event they were raffling off a designer purse - Prada, LV, etc...

    Well, the girl at the Ford dealership I was at WON a LV Speedy 25 or 30, I wasn't up close but I think it was a 25. Plus, inside was an envelope with a $100 gift certificate, each purse had a envelope inside with either a gift certificate or 2 tickets to NYC to see Regis and Kelly.

    Too bad I didn't win, the girl wasn't even excited that she won a LV Speedy!! ...I was like darn, that should of been mine! HA! HA!

    ...Oh yea, while walking around I was the only person with a LV besides someone who worked at the dealership - well, I got several looks - people looking at mine like, it was FAKE or something - whatever PEOPLE, mine is only 2 mos old - give the leather time to darken! ...I am sure they just didn't know, and not knowing their 1st impression - oh, another FAKE!! HA! HA!

    ..Oh well, fun LV story to share with everyone.

    Did anyone else have anything like this where they live?
  2. Im in MI and I heard about it as well. My dad works at Ford's Headquaters in Dearborn and told me about it lol.
  3. Ha ha ha... how cool!
  4. theres a radio show in tampa that has given away designer bags and shoes before...and i swear, every time i would hear someone win, they'd be like...i want the juicy [couture] bag (among such others as gucci, prada, lv, etc.)! I was like...such class, such class...
  5. That doesn't surprise me ... since more than half of new car purchases are decided by women. They're going after their demographic -- and that's very smart! I grew up in that area and my dad worked for a car company for over 30 years. Thank goodness times have changed and salesmen don't tell women to come back to the dealership with their husbands or fathers before they make a sale anymore! They finally wised up!
  6. Great point!!!!
  7. ooh how exciting...shame my husband idn't in MI anymore
  8. oh lucky her! She wasn't even excited, what a shame. I would've loved to get tickets to see Regis and Kelly too. I looove Kelly!
  9. That's kind of cool! :biggrin:
  10. I think the women was in shock and didn't know how to express her excitement? I haven't ever won anything in my life, I meant something big like a speedy 25. If I were her, I would be like her:amazed: Congrats to her though!
  11. Yes...not sure why she wasn't more excited -it was fun, just wish I won and then I could of traded it in for something larger like a 30, 35 or 40!!!! HA! HA!
  12. that's really good marketing. i'd be out there if they said they will be giving out LV bags.
  13. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: That would be SO cool! I wanna win! IT SHOULDA BEEN YOU!!!

  14. ....who knows, could be coming to a FORD dealership near you!!!! :yahoo:
  15. won a nice!