force feed me fruits and veggies!!

  1. hey all, i hate fruits and veggies..because i did when i was younger and just stayed away from them. but i know i need to start eating them, but i just cant bring myself to lol.

    moms how do you get your kids to eat them?

    anyone know any tasty recipes for me to start out with?

    i need to seriously start now.. ive always been partial to orange flavored stuff, i tried oranges but i never liked the pulp part.. lol i sound so stupid i know but any tips is greatly appreciated!! :wlae:
  2. I tried cutting different kinds of veggies into bite size pieces,
    dip them in tempura butter and fry them in olive oil...
    they seem to like them.:smile:
    you could also try cutting asparagus or any veggie you want to try into bitesize pcs.
    wrap around a ham or thin bacon and stick it in a toothpick to keep it together,
    put a little bbq. sauce and bake them. very tasty!:P
    hope this helps!;)
  3. I'm going on the orange tangent:

    How about an orange dressing that works well in salads? A lot of porous veggies such as zucchini and eggplant would suck in the orange flavour and dissapate their original flavor. Let the zucchini soak in it.

    Mandarin oranges aren't pulpy and if you made a blend of say:
    crushed mandarin oranges + a dash of honey + balsamic vinegar it would be a good blend to dash over salads or bake with veggies.

    Veggies are so many tastes. How about playing with odd fruits and veggies which maybe weren't shoved down your face as often as say broccoli?

    Such as:
    - starfruit
    - papaya
    - avocado
  4. start of with like, an apple a day. Then venture on to carrots. They start to taste better and better, i swear. I stopped eating processed sugar for awhile, and apples were like candy. But yea, start of there, and eventually work your way in. :yes: good luck! :heart:
  5. i usually struggle with finding the time to eat enough fruit and veggies throughout the day, so we ended up buying one of those juice machines that you can throw whole fruit and veggies into. So most days i have a bottle of fresh fruit and veggies juice mid morning and one at night... some tasty combinations i've had include

    2 carrots, 4 oranges, 3 pineapple slices, 2 kiwis
    1 cucumber, 2 carrots, 3 apples, 2 pears (tastes great, but it'll go right through you... must be all that fibre)
    1 cucumber, 1 pepper or capsicum, 3 oranges, 3 kiwis

    only downside to this is washing that stupid juice machine :nuts:
  6. i am lucky because my grandmother forced me to eat veggies since i was a little girl, and now i really like them!!i can even eat salad or boiled zucchini without oil, salt or sauces!but i have to agree, it's not the best way to start!
    you can make big salads with lettuce, tomatoes, olives, sweetcorn, tuna, egg...they're very tasty IMO!
    or fried veggies, as Sarsi said are great, as well as fruit&vegetables juices...hope this works!
  7. thanks all, i guess ill set off sunday where i can go to the grocery store and check it out.. lol hope i dont chicken out of it!:P
  8. Oh, I hate vegetables! But fruit is good:yes:

    A really easy thing is taking a apple or celery stick and putting peanut butter on it- I always loved that!:heart:

    Also, my mom would take different fruits and arrange them in a smiley face- it made it a little more fun to eat.

    maybe smoothies would be good??
  9. Maybe you can look at different sauces to go with them. I stir-fry veggies in a coconut curry sauce, and it makes them taste delicious.
  10. I suggest trying some salad dressings that you like. Fruit is alot easier to eat than vegetables because it's sweet, that's why pediatricians say to introduce vegetables before fruits.
  11. One of my students just told me she adds SPINICH to her fruit smoothies and that it doesn't affect the flavor at all -- she just gets more vitamins.
  12. what is tempura butter?
  13. thanks!!
  14. oh so maybe if i just drown the other stuff with oranges, and then slowly decrese the oranges iand increase the other stuff?
  15. wow really?