Forbes Names MJ Clutch as Last-A-Lifetime Accessory!

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  1. Our elevators at work have these TV screens that flash news, weather, sports & entertainment stories as well as misc tidbits and trivia. While I was riding the elevator yesterday, I happened to glance up & caught a glimpse of Marc Jacobs' name, but then the screen changed stories, so I waited about 10-15 minutes and rode the elevator again (just to get the whole story!!)

    Apparently, Forbes magazine named this MJ stone clutch (that retails for $1650) as a Last-A-Lifetime Accessory:

    Marc Jacobs Clutch

    The geometric metal and stone ornament on the front of this black grained-leather clutch gives this piece a high-design, art-deco feel. Like all design trends, art deco has seen waves of popularity, but remains classic. Perfect for the modernist who wants a quirky piece that always looks right with basic black.

    This is the full article, which also includes Hermes Kelly Bag, Tiffany cuff links, Ferragamo's Leather Penny Loafers & a Ralph Lauren Alligator Belt as well:

    I'm always telling my husband that my MJ bags will someday be classic, vintage items that I can pass on to our granddaughter - Now I have Forbes to back me up!!!
  2. Cute clutch! I can see it as a classic design. I think the ZC should have been there though.
  3. I absolutely love this clutch! :girlsigh: I can definitely see the timeless aspect. I just wish I could have found one on sale.
  4. ^ i love love love this clutch too. it's just absolutely beautiful. did it ever go on sale in tghe department stores? it's still available at eluxury for full price. should i hope and wish for a markdown in the near future? here's crossing my fingers and toes for good measure.
  5. That's some serious coin for a clutch, but it is beautiful. I agree, the zip-clutch would have been a good pick, too. Actually...many of the MJ pieces are timeless, IMO.
  6. While I find many many MJ Pieces timeless, I disagree with this one. The stones give it an obvious (at least to me) fall 2007 look ...
  7. i love that clutch
  8. Wow, I bought this one a couple of months ago and I love it. However I rarely use it, IRL it is HUGE.
  9. ^ really? i've seen in irl and it's a pretty standard clutch size. i don't think it's big at all. are you sure you don't have one of the bigger stone clutches that were released? there was one that was bigger than my head! it's actually on the sale table at the bal harbor neiman's right now.