Forbes "Most Expensive Handbags" list...

  1. I just had to post these pics. The Chanel is $43,150. The Hermes is $148,000 (diamond encrusted closure :drool: ). The Hermes makes the Chanel look like a bargain. As my DH would say (while rolling eyes) "Wow! A bargain! Let's take two!"
    43,150.JPG 148,000.JPG

  2. LOL That's cute.
  3. wow
  4. :wtf: diamond encrusted!

    i like the chanel better :yes:
  5. I'm simultaneously intrigued and disturbed by these!
  6. wowza! :nuts:

    You should take your hubby on for his deal. :p
  7. $148,000 for a bag?? wow! eh, who needs a house anyway?
  8. does the bag come with security detail too?
  9. My husband would say "how can anybody be so stupid?"...(me maybe, if I had the cash, LOL) Wouldn't want to leave any of them on the train..(only if you paid that kind of money for a handbag, you would travel in your private jet, not by train..)
  10. Ok - how long will it be before Victoria Beckham is seen carrying one???
  11. i've always loved this croc biarritz wheneer i saw it on the mag, i felt like i wanna rip off the page and throw it away so i won't feel hurt when i saw it LOL


  12. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: awsome lol
  13. DITTO! I don't know whether to clap or boo - I mean, gorgeous bags, but a year (or two's) salary? Mother of pearl!! lol!:wtf:

  14. Hahaha! Can you imagine accidentally leaving your purse behind at a restaurant???
  15. for that kind of $, I'd be afraid to carry it! I'd fear losing it, or having it stolen from me!