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    World's Most Extravagant Handbags
    Hitha Prabhakar, 08.03.07, 12:01 AM ET

    In Pictures: World's Most Extravagant Handbags It's never too early to start thinking about your holiday wish list.

    Sure to top it this year? Chanel's "Diamond Forever" tote. In December, the company will debut 13 of these diamond and alligator handbags just in time for the holiday shopping crunch. Each is a stepped-up version of the classic Chanel shoulder bag, with the iconic Chanel "Cs" encrusted in a staggering 334 diamonds (a total of 3.56 carats) set in 18-carat white gold. The alligator skin is farmed and treated with a matte finish.

    The total cost: $260,150.
  2. i'll take one of these and two of those and one more of that one!!!!
  3. OMYGOOOOOOOOOODDDD!!!! i'm never leaving that site!!!my eyes arent going back in their sockets!!
  4. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! But totally insane!
  5. interesting article.. thanks for sharing :smile:
  6. I like the Chanel bag but I'd rather have a house... :lol:
  7. They're gorgeous, like works of art. And like works of art, I'd want them displayed in my house. I'd be too afraid to walk around with one of those, especially exposing them to the elements!
  8. Wow! I wonder which A lister we will see with one of those beauties?
  9. I couldn't have said it better myself!
  10. wow, i get that alligator skin is very pricey and hard to get, but i just don't like them. the jewels & gold accents on those bags were very nice tho.
  11. Thank God I don't like exotic leather, so I don't lust after a 100.000 € bag and my money are safe!
  12. Let me clarify...they're like artwork except that hideous LV!
  13. What a gorgeous chanel bag :girlsigh: ....but I agree with Aurelia, I rather have a house or even a car haha
  14. Thats way!!!!!!
  15. Holy smokes! I cant imagine speding that much on a bag! ITA, I'd rather have a house :smile: