- Most Expensive Handbags

  1. Absolutely Amazing!
  2. interesting... but it just seems that all the bags are made of exotic leather... i wish there is more variety in the material.. but i suppose it's the leather that really jack those prices up....
  3. Thanks for posting this!
  4. Fendi Rocks, fascinating list!! Wow! thanks for the info.
  5. They left out the $80,000 croc Birkin with diamonds on the hardware.
  6. No Louis Vuitton???? Oh well, i guess LV is more affordable and not that exclusive...

    So most of the expensive bags are crocs bags.... understandable... I only find the Birkin from the list fascinating...
  7. I love the site.. gosh, I learned so much..
  8. yea.. i was surprised no LV was on the list. they dont get THAT expensive i suppose. trunks are expensive, but not handbags.
  9. thanks for posting and I'm really surprised at some of the bags that made it.
  10. Thanks for posting, interesting article!
  11. wow that's pretty cool
  12. Maybe if I send that link to DH, he'll see that a $1K bag REALLY isn't THAT expensive!!

  13. Funny. Outside of the regular Paddington, which I already bought and returned, I wouldn't want any of those bags. What a waste of money.
  14. That slideshow WAS fun :] Too bad I'm not a fan of croc skin :/