For your viewing pleasure - my new Continental Wallet!

  1. Its all your fault - was happy with my LV wallet and then I came to this part of TPF - now I'm done for! Anyway - went to Neimans today and walked out with this beauty!

  2. the inside:[​IMG]
  3. Okay, I think I can take full responsibility for leading you astray.... :graucho:

    But i'm SO GLAD you did! What a beautiful wallet!

    Tell me: Did they have the model with card slots on both sides? That's the one I had my eye on.

    Hopefully i'll be soon to follow you!

  4. i have been wanting this wallet too...
    do you think it is too big to fit a medium chanel classic flap?
  5. Tell us more!!!

    What other wallets (BV) did you check out. Ratings, reviews - hook us addicts up girl!
  6. That wallet is a beauty!! Great choice!
  7. Lovely wallet! :heart:

    Congrats! :biggrin:
  8. Good job, this is a beauty! So, we're bad influences?:graucho:
  9. Bad influence, we? Never!:graucho:
    Congrats that's a really nice wallet!
  10. Congrats that FABULOUS wallet, and on being led astray! We sure take pride in what we do :graucho:
  11. Thanks everyone it really is stunning!
    As for looking at other BV wallets - I really didn't, lol! I had that one in my mind and knew I didn't want the zip around. I like the size since its almost medium - its 6 x 4 as opposed to the larger fold over contintental which then goes up to 8 x 4 which is too large for me. This is perfect. Also - as for the other one with the card slots on both sides - I like this better. I think having them all on one size (8) going all the way down feels better then 5 on each side that just go half way down. I think the bulkiness is more evenly distributed this way. Did that make any sense???
  12. that's a great looking wallet. congrats and great choice.
  13. It is gorgeous! BV really makes fabulous wallets too!
  14. i've always loved that particular style wallet. i even convinced my co-worker to buy it in Noce last year when that color first came out, but i never had that extra money to put away for a wallet. i kept buying bags and i'm still using my old (but durable) black Prada leather wallet from college years! (and that's like 4 years ago) i think after i get my first BV bag i will be thinking of buying this wallet in either Nero like yours (beautiful btw~), Ebano or Old Petra if it comes in that color later on.
  15. This thread is pushing me over the edge. Going to Saks on Monday and seeing what they have in stock!