For your handles only dilemma

  1. Has anyone had the cream dried up in between the threads on the handles and inside the "nooks" ? If so, how did you get it out ? I can't seem to get mine out and it looks like it has dried up into a whitish layer. I've tried buffing it but it didn't help much :sad: .....

    Any advice would be appreciated. :yes:
  2. When I use FHO I get the tip of my finger on a cloth and place it in the "nooks" and wipe a couple of times in the same direction.

    I think this needs to be done ASAP after you have applied the cream.

    Otherwise, you can get the non-sharp side of your tweezers and scoop it out that way.
  3. Maybe try a soft toothbrush?
  4. Thanks fashion and thithi ! I'll try both tonight :yes:
  5. I've used the tweezers when I missed a bit -- but when I'm apply the cream I pull most of the fuzz off a cotton swab and then really clean out the crevices with the swab.
  6. Q-tip?
  7. yeah...