for your first Birkin, would you go for black w/gold h/w or blue w/gold h/w? pls r/o

  1. I have an order for black, which should arrive this autumn, but - adore the blue and am considering changing my order. I'm 37, professional working in an office and wear dark suits mostly. Having said that, if I decide to finally fork out the money for an Hermes, I should be able to wear it all year round!

    A second q; I am used to shoulder bags and whilst I adore the Birkin, not sure how I'll adapt to using a hand held model. Any of you went thru the same transition? Thanks a lot.
  2. What kind of blue are we talking about?

    Black is safe, but if you really like blue then go for it!
  3. If you placed an order thru H and its suppose to arrive in the autumn, it may be to late to change your order as all orders were already taken to Paris.

    Besides I would say Black is timeless and classic
  4. i say go for black it is your first one...if you want the option of a shoulder strap go for the kelly, it is just as nice a bag and less $$ too.
  5. Black!! You won't be disappointed!
  6. black with either palladium or gold H. classic and versatile.
  7. I think I might be the only person on the forum who would say blue! My first H bag was bleu brighton with gold.....and I love it!
  8. I went for black for my first Birkin and never regretted it. The next one was gold. I wear these two most often, even though I've acquired other colors. These two always look smart.
  9. I vote for black for your first one as well! Will never go out of style--plus it's hard to find, so grab it when you can! You can always add other bags in fun colors after you have your basic black taken care of...I also feel that a lot of other Hermes styles such as the Linday and Evelyne are great fun when they're done in brights such as Brighton Blue, any of the reds, orange, etc.
  10. I went with color for my first Birkin since I had so many other neutral bags and I love Hermes' colors.
    But I am one of the few who does not like blue jean very much, so I would pick black!

    I didn't have the transition problem because I've generally used totes for work.
  11. I personally also prefer blues over blacks in H bags for some reason!
  12. I vote Black, you can't go wrong. Once you have the black the Blue will follow promptly after. You will be bitten by the H love bug!
  13. I think the blue would be lovely. Especially if you wardrobe base is more dark blue than black.
  14. Classic Black... it's quite versatile from work to late night outings:smile:
  15. either way, you won't go wrong! after you get the first one, the bug will get you and you'll want the other one! trust me :smile:

    i have a black birkin with GH and i LOVE it to pieces. it goes with EVERYTHING! (i even wear it with brown, eek!)