For your entertainment, Fake MJ/Coach lovechild!!

  1. Ahh! That's horrible!
  2. oh no! two bids!!! don't people even research if what they are bidding on even exists? i mean, i'd want to know "what's this style called? when was it made?" etc....i'd want to find it on the coach website!!!!!!!
  3. Ewww! That really is a mish-mash of styles. I think a lot of people really don't care if it is authentic or not, sadly.
  4. Ha! Loss for words...
  5. What's really scary is this seller has 100% feedback since 2001. You just cant trust the feedback on eBay.
  6. Oh god. As a lover of both MJ & Coach, I'm kind of horrified by that fake.
  7. O no they di'int!!!

    I'm a Coach lover and a Marc Jacobs lover, but this is truly incomprehensible! :throwup:
  8. holy. cow.

  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    "The bag has issues"?!? At least the seller admits it! Thanks for sharing, staciesg26!
  10. It was reported by more than one person (myself included) but nothing was ever done it looks like. This was one heinous bag but I agree with rorosity, they probably knew it was not real and really didn't care. Anyway, glad you guys got a laugh out of it. Now, back to REAL, BEAUTIFUL MJ's!!
  11. there's a sucker born everyday...that baby went for 164$
  12. That's really just sad, I feel bad for the person who bought that mutated bag.
  13. Sad, so sad!!