For your Amusement Strange Emails From potential buyers

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  1. On Etsy someone told me they needed to find their wallet to purchase something and asked me to reserve an item without specifying which item.When I responded that I would I never heard from them again.On Ebay someone asked if I would take less I responded yes never heard from them again.On craigslist people constantly ask if the item is still available when you respond yes you never hear from them again. Im just wondering if people are so bored they just email sellers for something to do.
  2. A girlfriend selling on Ebay got an email from a "potential" buyer saying he did not have cash so would she accept a few diamonds as payment for the item.
  3. :lol: thats a good'un !
  4. Since he was overseas (natch!) and wasn't meeting her at Cartier she turned him down.
  5. An interested buyer emailed me to ask if I would meet up "half way" (30 miles away for each of us), to sell a $15 item so they wouldn't have to pay shipping. Sigh.
  6. again....:lol:
  7. Oh, I should have added that when my friend turned down the "diamond" guy she not so politely told him she wasn't running a damn trading post!
  8. I have had people email me and want to exchange an item they bought from someone else on ebay with one of my items.

    I have also had a buyer request me to try on some shoes I was selling for a modeling shot and specify also what kind of dress AND NECKLACE I should wear WITH the shoes. Umm. No thanks, pervert.

    Oh and back before buyer ID's were hidden I had another foot fetish guy email me and ask for modeling shots of the shoes where I was the buyer. I wasn't even selling them.
  9. lol! :roflmfao:
  10. ^ lol for sure!!
  11. I think the ones who request "modeling" shots - shoes and (lack of;)) clothing are in a special category for sure! The trade for "a few diamonds" is really good.
    We should start a new thread maybe? Biggest whoppers trying to pass for truth?
  12. Roflmao
  13. ^^Too funny!
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    OMG I like the one about to wear !

    And to think that Paypal ruled in this guys favour when I showed them the photos and what he did and said in his email !! Did you have a guy admit to ripping you off

    Four years ago I sold a laptop to a customer and it was returned to me, the machine no longer worked. Trying to recoup $$ I sold it for parts, one being the memory cover that had a valid Windows XP COA sticker (XP registration number) back then they sold for about $30. I took a series of pictures when I put it in the envelope and also mailing it at the post office, BUT I did not register it because the guy did not want to pay $12 for tracking when he could pay 45 cents. He had about 150 positive FB with 2 old negs and I had about 80 FB with one old negatives. I never thought this creep would then say he never got the item when I know he did.
    I had mailed it out the day that I got this email from him saying, "Have you mailed the COA sticker as I want to stick it to my machine that has XP registered on it. When I bought the laptop off you last month and returned it I had tested the XP COA number on the bottom of your laptop with a new XP installation on my own desktop so I know the numbers are good. It is currently running on my machine, but it will be good to have the sticker too.”WTF ?
    So when he returned the laptop the first time he had written down the XP COA (which is stealing) and then used it to install XP on his desktop. At least back then Sellers could leave negatives for buyers so I explained what happen and left my email on there too. A few people contacted me after that including what I assume was a disgrunteled ex-girlfriend -lol !!
  15. I bet people here get a lot of this but I had a "buyer" ask me to take pics of a pair of shoes being modeled, which angles, etc. I was talking to some of my tPF friends who got the same message (very different sizes) so it's not an isolated occurance. I recognized the email address that they asked me to send photos to and it's another seller. I shudder a little if I stumble across one of their listings. :hrmm: