For you Soho lovers, you can now order the new stuff

  1. I got a call yesterday from my SA, because I was interested in the Kiki. She said the kiki is only available right now in white, but all the other signature and leather Soho bags are available right now. She also said that the signature is available in khaki/berry for you berry lovers!
  2. any pics or style nos? I am not familiar with the Kiki. Also, what style bag(s) is the new sig khaki/berry coming in if you know. Thanks!
  3. she didn't say but IIRC from the picture she showed me when I inquired about the kiki, it was styles just like the last soho line (small hobo, large hobo, flap, etc.)
  4. If anyone has any pics can you please post!! TIA!!
  5. yeah what is a kiki
  6. Yes, please! What is a Kiki? :p