For you NM/Saks visitors for pre-sales

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  1. I thought I would give you a run down about what was out on the pre-sale tables at NM and Saks in Chicago, so you can make the appropriate visits or phone calls...

    In Saks, they had two styles of Jimmy Choo, some unfab Gucci, Cole Haan, and a few bags of a mish mash of other designers. I wasn't all that impressed with their pre-sale. My verdict: :Push:

    NM, on the other hand, had Tods - several styles; I bought a Nancy Gonzales brown croc clutch (last one); Etro, lots of different designers' clear totes; some YSL (not Muse/Downtown); some Chanel accessories; Marc Jacobs; mucho Prada; they no longer carry Miu Miu; Koobs; Zac Posen; a few other designers. All in all, :yahoo:

    Oh, and FYI, the SA at NM told me that online NM and NM brick and mortar are two different divisions. So while online might have something on sale, that does not mean that the store will, and vice versa. So if you're really interested in something, you might have to try both venues.
  2. Thanks for posting! :smile: I was wondering if it would be worth going downtown.

    Do you happen to know the styles of Jimmy Choos that were available at Saks?
  3. what kind of N.G clutch??? long and thin one ?? Do you mind telling me how much you bought it for? Thanks
  4. One was a green Ramona, and the others were Tribeca, I think.

    The NG clutch was long and medium thin, brown croc, foldover, no tab, for about $700ish - the salesgirl looked like she was selling something that had been pulled aside for an associate or something (or herself), because she looked kind of sheepish bringing it out of the back!
  5. Thanks again!

    Congrats on your great buy! The clutch sounds gorgeous :tup:
  6. Thanks!