For you ladies who purchased RM at Nordstrom...

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  1. I just returned from the half yearly and I recieved a price adjustment on my Matinee...

    Its down to 309.90 w/o tax so for me in MD with 5% tax thats 325.40 :yahoo: Yall should go and try and get your adjustment!!
  2. Really, do you know if they still have the matinee in stock at the store in your area? I purchased mine from a Nordstrom in Washington, do you think they would honor the price in Maryland?
  3. They didnt have anymore of her bags. I was at Montgomery Mall in Maryland. I gave the SA my reciept and she looked it up in the system and that is the price that came up so maybe an SA can do the same for you. The SA told me they usually wont do the adjustment when the item isnt on the floor anymore, but she was super nice so she went ahead and credited my account anyway. The price should be in the system so your store should be able to honor the price.
  4. Just called the store in Washington, the CSR was very helpful and honored the price adjustment. Total savings of 107.50, thanks andicani3x12 for the tip.
  5. I have a super nice SA working on my price adjustment for an MA. Nordstrom's CS rocks :smile:
  6. thanks for the heads up! I just talked to my SA and she said that I can definitely come in & get a price adjustment - that's more than $100 back!! YEA!! Unfortunately, there are no more RM bags, but maybe I'll find something else to get instead!!
  7. can anyone let me know which RM bags are part of nordie's half yearly sale?
  8. I was at South Coast Plaza and picked up a Matinee in

    There were a few Elisha's (Blue with Wicker and a grey-ish Chocolate color), at least two Morning After Bags in All Ivory and Ivory with Chocolate Basket-weave. I think there was also a blue one in the back. Call Tracy at SCP: 949-549-8300. She was great!
  9. I just came back from the Nordies in Brea, CA. Found a taupe/sand MA for $284 and just could not resist. Even though I have a royal MAM coming from sample sale, I thought the price is just too good to pass up. They also had a white MA with brown leather trim.
  10. :p heehee....I just ordered an MA in Black from the sample also, and was so excited about my Nordies purchase, I didn't even put what color I got! It's the Matinee in Chocolate (but looks somewhat grey-ish brown to me!)