For you experts, style # on this ponytail scarf?

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  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone know the style number of the blue sig ponytail scarf in the middle (4th in the row)? I have the darker blue/teal version that is style #98468, the one in the picture is a lighter blue background though and I think it must be a different year/style.
  2. Did you check the scarf reference thread?
  3. I have a green version and it says its 98468.

    There are tons of other colors tho, the blue, purple, black/white, tan.... lots.
  4. It figures, I post the question and one of them appears on eBay today to answer my question! I did check the scarf reference thread with no luck. Anyway, the auction has one NWT and it is style #98111 in the color pool!


    Of course, now I really like the green one too, bleh.