for you canadian gals

  1. i won a bubblegum day on eBay (YAAAAAAAAAAY!) and the seller is declaring its full value on the package (780$ - it's in used condition, and that's fine with me)... how much can i expect to pay in duties/customs fees for such a high-ticket item?

    any insight is appreciated! :yes:
  2. You will pay PST, GST (so depending on your province about 14%) plus duty on Italian leather importation which equals about 24%. You can expect to pay about $200-$250 extra...
  3. congrats on your bubblegum day:smile: .
    i think, it depends which shipping method she's chosen. if normal postal services (eg.usps), the standard brokerage fees(around $8.50)+tax (eg. in quebec 15%). however if private courier company is used (, the brokerage fees are much higher.
    i've ordered bbag from england before. the price was around C$1300+and they used dhl. i had to pay C$370 in custom.
  4. That's right, I didn't even think of the brokerage fees since I no longer accept courier shipments wth highvalue for this reason. Brokerage can be an additional $100-$150 or so depending on the tier (over $1000 will be higher)...
  5. I second stylefly: $200 - $250. By stopping at customs it will also take longer to get to you; add 4-5 open business days to the transit time. Congrats on your purchase!
  6. yeah, it was sent through DHL.

    ouch, i had no idea it would be so much! it better be worth it!
  7. mmmmh. Canadian customs are very strict so as the lovely stylefly said you'll pay quite a lot. But if you think about it paying around 1000 ( 780 + customs) for a bubblegum is still amazing! congrats!
  8. I think it's a bit hit or miss... but FOR SURE any method other than USPS (So fedex.. UPS etc.) you'll get hit with way higher fees.

    For example my boyfriend got his Wii sent to him for his birthday from his sister in the States and she used UPS and the value of the console was $300, but he ended up paying $100CAD in fees... which is ridiculous considering the value of the item.

    Saying that though - I got a Balenciaga valued at $1000USD fully declared shipped via USPS and I got hit with customs/taxes of $170CAD.

    So since your Day is less value.. perhaps you'll pay less than I did?

    But then.... I got a Chanel wallet valued at $300USD and it cost $60CAD in customs!
  9. Has she sent it yet? Is she firm on declaring the full value? Is she willing to declare it as a gift? I've had many Balenciaga items sent with an extreme low value and marked as a gift that made it home super fast without any problems or fees whatsoever.
  10. you're right, it's awesome! however, the 780$ is US, not CAD... hopefully things'll work out okay. i'm really excited about the bag!

  11. earth.keeper: she is absolutely firm on declaring its full value... i asked, believe me. most of the items i get sent from the states are declared at 20$ or less...

    it was sent or will be sent through DHL... i'm not looking forward to seeing the bill. *sigh* i guess we'll see when it comes!

    speaking of DHL, how are they, usually, with time? do items take less time than, say, USPS?

    thanks for your thoughts, girls, i really appreciate it! :smile:
  12. from all my experiences with dhl, i'm very satisfied with their deliveries. always on time (or sometimes earlier) and always ask for my signature.
  13. hi,
    don't know if this helps, but can/will the seller declare it as a gift? you might still get hit with the fees up front, but you can then file a claim with Canada Customs that the fees should not have been applied and get a refund. i have actually done this and they do send you a cheque (months later, of course).
    good luck and congrats on your new bag!
  14. I looked into that recently - any gift with a declared value of over $100.00 CAD will get slapped with customs.

    This means for example:

    The gift is declared as $780.00 USD they will calculate the exchange rate to CAD which is roughly $900.00 CAD, deduct $100.00 CAD and charge customs on $800.00 CAD.
  15. If its shipping from the US and you used USPS you'll pay either GST or GST and PST on the declared value.