For you Boston Ladies..

  1. I'm out on the East Coast looking at colleges with my son and family, and I love this town. Especially for handbag watching. And handbag shopping! When I was here a long time ago, I wasn't interested. One thing I haven't seen a lot of are Coach. Lots of high-end variety. The Barneys, Saks, and NM have a much better selection than in Chicago, not to mention all the boutiques like Dior, Jimmy Choo, etc. I feel like I'm in Vegas. And I loved seeing Luna Boston live and in person!!!
  2. yes, boston is a great city for fashion! i am in providence, and its ok but when ever i see a nice authentic bag and it warms my heart! the shopping in providence is good, nice HUGE mall with more and more high end stores infiltraiting it! their Nordstrom's has a very nice selection of designers too!
  3. You must not be hanging out in the right area for Coach. :smile: I work near downtown crossing/financial district and every I turn I see Coach, D&B and lots of LV (real and fake). There's actually a fake handbag shop set up right near my office T-stop. The bags are obviously fake, but it's kind of entertaining.

    But I do love the shopping. I can just go and browse and people watch for hours!