For you Bleecker Fans..

  1. Have you seen the khaki/white?!?! :drool:
  2. OMG I totally want this bag for spring. It's beautiful!!!
  3. I noticed that on the site this am. If only they would come out with the Large flap in Wine/khaki although I think I would still prefer the all-leather version...
  4. very pretty
  5. Spectacular
  6. I think it's soooo cute!!!!! :yes:
  7. I totally agree.. I LOVE the khaki/wine... I heard they did make it in that color but it sold out. :shrugs:
  8. i have the khaki/black. for some reason i don't really love this color. i know it reminds me of white out. IMO.
  9. Such a nice combo... I saw the med sig duffle & small zip hobo in khaki/white on the website today!
  10. They had the color combo in a smaller bag but when I called JAX the person I spoke with said not in the large flap. And the capacity wristlet in that combination isn't in any of the TX stores within 50 miles of me but I didn't check with JAX on that item.
  11. ^^^^
    Oh, I see! I didnt' think they did, then I was told by someone that they did have it, lol so who knows ... either way the khaki/wine is a beautiful combination!!! :yes:
  12. I agree. I keep checking hoping they'll come out with more in that combo. (As well as my magenta Bleeker Flap :roflmfao:).
  13. :drool: I AM TOTALLY SPEECHLESS.....ALL I CAN DO IS DROOL!!!!! :drool:
  14. Mommyville.. better add it to your newest obsession pics!!!! :graucho:
  15. Its gorgeous:yes: