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  2. I noticed on their blog they show a BJ zip wallet and say it works with the wallet wand. Do you think it would work with a Chanel zip wallet? That would be all kinds of fabulous if so.

    It's nice that many Dior wallets come with a chain to give this possibility of using it as a clutch or just to not lose it.
  3. This is great! Thank you!
  4. I do think this is a fabulous option and intend to ask them if it will indeed work with a zip wallet, since they show a photo of one on their blog. Thanks for sharing this! :smile:
  5. This has me thinking...for more of a "Chanel strap" they sell the chain/leather long necklaces this season that you could wrap through the wallet and maybe sew on for even more of a Chanel look :biggrin: