For which monogram beauty should I go?

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  1. Hello lovely tpflers,

    I would like to get my first monogram bag this year and would love to get some help from you guys for which bag I should go.

    I have a small LV collection already, but a classic monogram is still missing. It should be a special little piece that is not one of the most popular styles like Neverfull or Speedy. Vashetta is not an issue and I think I would like to have a smaller bag rather than a big one. Price point is pretty much everything under 2,5k This three are on my radar:

    Duffle bag, Palm Springs Mini and waiting for the Luggage BB which comes out this year.

    I love that they are crafted more complex and that they are small but fit a wallet and phone. Am I missing one that i should consider? What do you think. Your help is much appreciated :smile:
  2. The Boite Chapeau Souple looks cool too. There is the mini but does not fit a phone. It is more like a wallet. The petite one is nicely crafted too if you dont mind the price tag.
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  3. I vote for either the monogram petite noe or the neo noe with noir trim

    I have both and love both

    Happy shopping and please do reveal :smile:
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  4. I have the Neo Noe (DA with pink) so I think the Neo Noe or the petite Neo Noe would be perfect. I also have the Boilte Chapeau, which I think is very different nd interesting. They are all monogram, but special in their own way.

    Happy Shopping.
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  5. Third vote for Boite Chapeau Souple, it is also my first monogram piece so I may be a little biased. My favorite things are the unique shape and strap, as I also wanted to avoid getting a Neverfull or Speedy.

    I also like the Palm Springs Mini, which is a very cute little monogram piece.
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  6. I have the Boite Chapeau Souple and the Palm Springs Mini. Both are very different and I adore both. I use them equally.

    Are you a fan of the Pochette Metis? Only thing is that it’s gaining same popularity as NF and Speedy.

    Good luck and post pics of what you end up getting!
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  7. Thank you for your suggestions. I also considered the neo noe, it’s such a simple but beautiful bag. Somehow lost sight of it. Comes on the list again haha.

    The Boite Chapeau Douple is pretty as well. Somehow the straps bother me when they hang down on the sides. I’m thrilled by the Petite Boite Chapeau, but I do mind the price tag and the souple would somehow be a substitute for it and remind me I actually wanted the petite.

    The Métis is cute but not really my cup of tea. Can’t really explain why.

    I keep you updated and post a reveal when the time has come :smile: also I’m happy about more opinions.
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  8. The NeoNoe is sooo beautiful, I like it more with the red inside though than noir, the color pops up more.
    Dauphine is also in Monogram and if you are also keen on a monogram detail only, I would look at the Double V, however it's more expensive.
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  9. I have the Mono/Pink Neo Noe and absolutely love it. It holds a ton, is comfortable, carefree with the treated leather and has multiple carry options. Highly recommend. I’m also really fond of my Mono Pochette Accessoires; it’s really just a pouch but I use it a lot more than I expected to.
  10. Thanks phaedrana, I think I need to see the neonoe in person. I like the pink lining the most.

    Double v is out of my price range and the shape is way too, how do I say this, don’t want to call it mature, but kind of grown-up/elegant for me. Hope you know what I mean. Don’t want to sound mean if anyone owns this bag. Dauphine is cute but like the Métis, I wouldn’t consider it.

    Thanks for pointing out. I like the pink lining the most :smile: I also like the PA, but it seems even harder to get.
  11. D94E4EAE-BB0B-4E98-AED6-A01157BEB11F.jpeg All great suggestions! I adore this tiny bag and it meets your pp, however I think a phone and a lipstick would be it! It’s just so stunning with mono and black leather. I would love to get it, but can’t justify. good luck and do let us know!
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  12. I understand what you mean, for me it's like the city streamer, rose des vents (and ultimately Birkin/Kelly) they all look "corporate" like something a Director would hold.
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  13. Have you considered the Cannes? In Mono Géant or Mono Reverse? The Duffle is very cute, and possibly easier to open than the Cannes, which has a zipper. Both are small, but hard sided. I recently had the Pochette Trunk Verticale on reserve, as I really thought that it would be a great small grab and go item. Way too small, and I found access difficult because of the height and for what it does and doesn't do, I felt that it was too pricey. It fits next to nothing. I also thought that it felt and looked flimsy (on me). But that's just my opinion, and I've seen petite women rock it, and love how it looks photographed.
    I am lucky, in that I live near a store and get to try the bags on. I always need to see where a bag sits when I carry it cross body, or on my shoulder. I would never have decided on the Cannes had I not had the opportunity to see what fits (which is easily a phone, wallet, sunglasses, keyholder and a small pouch with makeup)and how it looks 'on'.
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  14. That is indead adorable! I love all the details, the tiny closure, the lining with the pattern. Stunning! It's also hard to justifiy for me. It should hold a wallet I guess. Like the itsi bitsi Boite Chapeau, which is really one of the cutest bags, but unfortunetly nearly useless. I wish the petite malle or the petite boite chapeau would be half the price haha.
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  15. Oh if only the smaller bags came with smaller price tags!:P I love them too, but I have to carry at least a few basics! 2500 is too much for essentially a phone case!
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