For Vlad....BMW M5 pics

  1. Here's my new addition... Interlagos Blue Metallic w/ Silverstone leather & brushed aluminum trim. We're such car freaks at my house, I shouldn't know half of what I do :biggrin:

    Since your a car guy, I also included a pic of my husband's car. Guy's seem to have a testosterone thing for the Porsche, LOL
    DSC01797.JPG DSC01801.JPG DSC01796.JPG DSC01799.JPG DSC01791.JPG DSC01805.JPG
  2. Oh my god !! My heart just skipped several beats, those are some awesome cars ! I love the blue on offwhite combo, gorgeous. Those are some fast cars !!
  3. :lol: Thanks! Good to know I'm not the only female car junkie on here! We also have an E55 AMG with a superchip. It's actually faster than the M5 (but not the Porsche:graucho: ) Here's a pic of my H2, it's also supercharged, almost 500 HP. The E55 is in the shop. My husband hit a pothole, blew out the tire & bent up the rim on it:Push:
  4. Gorgeous cars acegirl! I love the interior of the M5!
  5. Heh the money I see flowing in this thread. I'm still saving up for my downpayment for my future RS4.
  6. Augh !!! You're killing me ! I drive an old Volvo, I only DREAM about driving cars like that. :P But hey, you my friend can appreciate a nice car. :graucho:

    But hey, here's something that's kind of cool and awesome car related ! When I was in London, there was a 2006 Bugatti Veyron parked outside of Royal Albert Hall ! It was ridiculous, I wanted to drive off in it. Here's a picture - my friend took many, many, many of them !

  7. That's nuts ! (the 500 hp)

    And bummer about the pothole, those things are deathtraps. :Push:
  8. OMG, that car is incredible!! It makes me giddy :roflmfao:
  9. Evolkatie my hubby and I just saw one at Audi. He was thinking about trading in his M3 for that one!

    Beautiful car agegirl...I just wiped drool off my keyboard!
  10. My husband has a knack for finding killer potholes! I don't know what it is..It's the third time he's done that (not all in the same car though)
  11. It's a little ridiculous - I mean, who REALLY needs 1001 HP and zero to 60 in 3 seconds, honestly (unless you're a drug lord !). But yeah, I was so excited when I saw it ! Ridiculously so ! :shame::love:
  12. *drools* whatever guy marries me is in luck, i LOVE fast, expensive cars. those are truly gorgeous, i looooove that blue color (imo, BMW does the best colors). congrats! don't get too many speeding tickets ;)
  13. Aww thanks girls:flowers: It's pretty practical too. Big back seat & huge trunk. Actually, it's my first sedan ever. I've always driven SUV's but I like the change.
  14. Acegirl - My hubby has been wanting an M5 for a while. We've been shopping, he wanted it to be the family car. I opted for the hybrid - I'm the what's the mileage person in ou family. I better not show him this, or else you'll be the bad influence! LOL! They're beautiful!
  15. We have Valentines (radar detectors) in our cars:graucho: That helps alot. I'm a pokey driver anyway (at least with my kids in the car!)