For Vista! & For everyone else another use for a LV scarf!

Jun 15, 2006
Why for Vista well...because I am Vista's RAOK Buddy (from the first RAOK not second) I've been a bit cruel and never actually reveled who I was in any of the packages but it's me I hope you liked everything!

this is Vista's last package but one thing needed a little further explanation so I told Vista to keep a look out for a special thread about it.
I got my 3rd gift from my buddy today :smile: Lol I'm eating the tasty chocolates and had to take pics ASAP before I could devour some ! I LOVE chocolate with fruit cream fillings and the white chocolate ones went first lol --- what a great day to take the outdoor pics -- My buddy said they'd reavel themselves in this thread after the pics .. and also explain what the item is for that was in the white paper, I am not at all sure, maybe something you slip a purse strap through? Lol not sure though just guessing -- here's the pics!!!!


There's a very cute Doggy luggage tag, the most awesome looking purse hook! I love souvenir fridge magnets and there are two great ones .. thank you Super Buddy ! and a purse and shoe themed deck of cards, a Cherry Blossom bath ball .. can't wait to try that, sounds ballistic! .. and the chocolates :smile:

Thank you Buddy, I've really enjoyed your efforts and all you have sent me from so far away :smile: I'm very much looking forward to the big reveal!
Love, Vista :heart::heart::wlae:The Suhali Lock is a great touch on the box !!

the thing that needs the explanation is the item sitting on the white tissue paper. This is a great item for use with your Lv scarves (big one's) and I thought it was something I should share with you all. So here is my step by step guide as to it is and how you use it enjoy!

Mod's please don't move this thread at least until Vista's seen it Thank you so much :heart:
Jun 15, 2006
Step 1

Take one large scarf of choice (sorry for creases it's already being used for the function I'm explaining)

Step 2
Fold said scarf on the diagional

Step 3

Starting at the end with the points fold in towards the centre the folds can be as thick as you'd like

Step 4
Once you reach the middle flip the scarf over and continue to fold this ensures that the tip of the scarf is well wrapped in the outer layers of scarf as otherwise it unravels itself
Jun 15, 2006
Step 5

thread on end of scarf through each part of the thingy which will now be called a belt (ta dahh!!)

You should thread through the front coming through to the back of the piece.

Step 6
Pass the excess (test it around your waist first to find out how much excess to have) around the front and back to the back again pass the excess underneath where you began the loop around to the front to make a knot


Repeat for the other end
Jun 15, 2006
ooh and would you look at what is in this months Vogue ( I got this right at the beginning of RAOk but held on to it as I knew I'd have to reveal my secret identity LOL)


(ps are the attachments not working for anyone else??)