?? for Venetia owners

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  1. i saw the venetia in a pic and fell in love! but as i was looking around i saw that the strap over the top actually buckles...doesn't that make it VERY annoying to get in and out of??

    i would like to hear from an ower please!! thanks for the help ladies! ​
  2. anyone....:hrmm:
  3. 1) Leave the strap unbuckled
    2) Keep the strap buckled but leave the bag unzipped. =)
  4. oh..well i never thought about leaving it buckled and having the bag zipped...but doesn't it look bad unbucked...b/c i KNOW i don't have the patience to keep messin with it....

    thank you for anwering me :o)
  5. If you leave the bag unzipped with the strap buckled , you can reach into the bag. =)

    Unbuckled bag doesn't look bad, let me find some pictures of an unbuckled Venetia for you. =) Your concern is totally understandable, the strap is a make-it or break-it deal for many potential owners. The bag is so sophiscated looking that owners just learn to work around it. WBB.
  6. I have one, and I hardly ever keep the strap buckled. I just tuck it inside the bag most of the time.

  7. I wonder if the strap is removable? sort of like a belt? I never tried that before...
  8. I keep my strap unbuckled most of the time also. It doesn't bother me.
  9. ^ Me too. I'm using mine today and did exactly that. I find that when I'm commuting, I don't really need to get into the bag at all. The exterior pockets are perfect for my Metro card and some change/money.
  10. I was concerned about the buckle also when i first saw the venetia! On my recent visit to NM Last Call I was able to check it out first hand and actually carried it around the store with me to see if it would bother. It didn't at all! (I left it unbuckled) And I hadn't even thought of buckling it and leaving it unzipped. <-- sounds like it would work too!
  11. i'm using mine today too!!! :happydance:
    i leave mine buckled, or sometimes i just tuck the strap under the loop without putting it through the buckle (does it make sense?)
    If i need something, i'll unzip it halfway and dig for it lol. But otherwise, buckling and unbuckling don't really bother me. i like the buckled look.
  12. Nope, its sewed on. I often just unzip halfway and reach in around the strap. It doesn't really bother me.
  13. i have mine today too. and i love the buckled look.

    so far it doesn't bother me.

    how about leave it buckled but have it unzipped all the way through?
  14. I love the Venetia! I was worried about the same thing before I bought mine, but it's a non-issue. If I'm in and out of it alot, I leave it unbuckled and either tuck it in the bag or tuck it in the loop (like zoinksta said).
  15. thanks soo much guys! i really love the buckled look also but just by looking at it i thought it was fake...like really was just magnentic...

    but thanks so much for all the comments! i have been looking at the Elise too, the both have a similar look but i like the buckle so now i just have to make my decision!!

    thanks again!!