For us Bolide cute is THIS!?!?!?!

It is extreemly cute, I saw one in the store, the only down side is, the opening on the bottom is tiny, could not fit any pills in there, maybe a tiny photo? or a tiny "to do list"!
very cute. i'll upload the pic so that when the auction is over, ppl can still make some sense of the thread.


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I have this same pillbox, and I just love it ! :heart:

I wear it as a necklace on a long leather cord, and keep my emergency 800 Motrin inside !

Fyi, it is a sale item - see the S engraved ?

Thanks, HH!!!

I just thought it was the cutest thing......glad there isn't a Kelly Pillbox or I'd be in trouble.....

????? i'm sure there is though! a kelly pillbox. am i confusing it with the charm bracelet? they make at least one other bag in a pillbox design though.... don't they?

as for adding the pic - i learned my lesson with the nytimes post about the white pic in the cunningham piece.