For us Bolide cute is THIS!?!?!?!

  1. that is cute.... except, I don't think I would buy it.. hehe
  2. It is extreemly cute, I saw one in the store, the only down side is, the opening on the bottom is tiny, could not fit any pills in there, maybe a tiny photo? or a tiny "to do list"!
  3. I've seen this before and think it's adorable...but so afraid I would lose it...pills and all lol!
  4. precious!
  5. Leave it to shop mom to ruin my parade! :roflmfao: I was wishing for noone to see this! :rolleyes:
  6. Come on know we check eBay
  7. very cute. i'll upload the pic so that when the auction is over, ppl can still make some sense of the thread.
    bolide pill box.jpg bolidepillbox.jpg
  8. How cute? Sooooooooooo cute! :tender:
  9. I have this same pillbox, and I just love it ! :heart:

    I wear it as a necklace on a long leather cord, and keep my emergency 800 Motrin inside !

    Fyi, it is a sale item - see the S engraved ?

  10. ^^ lol,.. emergency 800 motrin inside! lol,.. I will need 2 volumes!!!
  11. Thanks, HH!!!

    I just thought it was the cutest thing......glad there isn't a Kelly Pillbox or I'd be in trouble.....
  12. ????? i'm sure there is though! a kelly pillbox. am i confusing it with the charm bracelet? they make at least one other bag in a pillbox design though.... don't they?

    as for adding the pic - i learned my lesson with the nytimes post about the white pic in the cunningham piece.
  13. :wtf: There's a Kelly pillbox?????? :nuts:

    ....gotta get DQ on the case............
  14. this is soooo cute.