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  1. Hi Chicagoans,

    my friend from NY is coming next weekend and he asked me if there is an area in Chicago that is similar to "The Village" in NYC.
    I have no idea. Anyone can help?
  2. I'll bump this for you. There are several members who live in Chicago who would know. I just lived in the 'burbs, so I just know the main stuff.
  3. I don't really know what "The Village" is....but if you can explain it a bit I might be able to help you out. I only lived in Chicago 4 years, but worked in retail leasing for a bit which got me very well acquainted with the different characters of all areas of the city.
  4. I guess the village is the "artsy" neighborhood? With lots of interior designer, art stores, but lots of artists hanging around in the cafe and stuffs too?
    I cant think of anything.
  5. Yeah, I don't think there is really any neighborhood in Chicago where artists hang out. As you might know, the Bucktown/Wicker Park area has some independent boutiques with clothes, accessores & stuff that aren't quite mainstream, but I know that isn't the same thing as artists & cafes.
    I guess I'd agree with you that Chicago does not really have anything like The Village.
  6. The well known "artsy" neighborhood of Chicago is like AccordingtoKate mentioned, the Wicker Park/Bucktown area. However, just like Greenwich Village, to me at least, its pretty gentrified and trendy now... a lot of the artists are moving elsewhere because of the rising costs of living in that area. My coworker lives there and her condo resale has skyrocketed because of how trendy it has gotten from when she bought it... she's an artist and looking to move elsewhere now. In terms of the importance historically, like the village, not the same.

    Anyway, why come to Chicago just to look for what you have in nyc, we have our own neighborhoods that are different and fun to explore.
  7. Your best bet would be Old Town or Lincoln Park
  8. Bucktown/Wicker Park is definitely like the Village....Old Town is also nice.

  9. I :heart: Old Town!
  10. Oh I forgot...the Armitage area is pretty cool too...
  11. Bucktown/Wicker Park - definitely for "artisy", I wouldn't really aw the same for old town. Even though Old Town is much nicer and they have the Old town Art Fair in the summer, but if you are looking for a comparison to "The Village" in NYC -Bucktown/Wicker Park is definitley the place.

    It much safer now than what it was 5-8 years ago, not sure if you remember the MTV - whatever show -Real Life in chicago, or whateve. Well it was filmed in that area - if memory serves me right? It was almost what, 4-5 years ago when that was filmed.

    There are also artisy parts of Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville/Lakeview, West Loop, Andersonville, etc... just depends excatly what they are looking for - unqiue shops? unqiue restaurants? etc.