For Travel a Lindy or a Victoria ?????

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  1. Which bag, a Lindy or a Victoria, would you choose for travel when a kelly or birkin was not appropriate or too conspicious???!!
  2. Gosh - I think either is a FAB choice! I have a Lindy now, and still love the VFT for travel (and still want to get one!).

    Any colours in mind?
  3. BOTH!!!!

    K, CONGRATULATIONS! I touched a 30cm Etoupe Clemence Lindy just like yours last night and it's fab!
  4. Sus, Have you tried the VT on yet?? Just make sure you do -- it fit me oddly on the shoulders, but my shoulders slope a great deal so that may be the issue there, so I would prefer the Lindy, otherwise it could be a toss-up. GL and enjoy the search.
  5. ^ I agree, the VFT didn't stay put on my shoulders (I have the opposite problem - swimmers shoulders) and looked a little "chunky" on me...but I STILL love it (especially in GOLD clemence!) and still would love one for travel - hand-held most of the time.

    Sus...can you try them both on for size?
  6. Yes I've tried both and neither jumped out over the other. I was just wondering what everyone who had one or the other or both found as to how great a travel bag each was - does that make sense??
  7. Hmmm... Both bags are equally good for travel. It depends on how much things you want to carry though.
  8. I like them both, but i woudl say lindy for aesthetics, VFT for convenience (simple size and opening) but i woudl still be partial to the lindy
  9. Which can carry more while still looking good?? With kids I always seem to expand what I carry when I travel with them.
  10. Hmm, I would say Lindy looks more stylish.
  11. i would say lindy would be more stylish, but the VT carries stuff more and still look chic! both would work great though, IMO.
  12. I'll be trying out my VFT next weekend for the first time. My shoulders slope too so I can't carry anything on my shoulder for too long; besides, I like handhelds best. Looking forward to taking it for a spin!
  13. Dear Ms. Sus:

    I vote for Lindy. Good for DAY and NIGHT on the town.

    Can't wait to see what you've decided???
  14. Lindy!
  15. I am going against the crowd and voting Victoria! I feel like when you're traveling, especially with kids, you don't want to be fiddling to close the bag, for one thing. Also the Victoria is much lighter weight than most other H bags because of the toile lining. It also has a lock, if you need that capability for anything.