For TPFers in Aus regarding LV prices...

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  1. i just got off the phone with my SA..... we have our price change starting today :p we have both increases AS WELL AS decreases... i didn't ask which items' prices have gone up or gone down... you may like to ask the store for the item you are interested :yes:

    i think the price change is not very much... my SA has given me some examples of the price change... it is roughly +/- 5% range.....

    i hope this information is useful to our TPFers in US or Canada.. i think there will be both increase and also decrease in other countries too :tup:
  2. our Aussie $ is pretty strong at the moment compared to US$ hence the decrease. i would think the increase would only affect the new items.
  3. Oh thats nice!! Thanks for sharing the info:tup:!!

  4. yep deluxeduck..i think aussie has the most expensive LV price .. even after you claim back the GST when you go travel :p
  5. Well some of the prices have decreased e.g love tote pm is now $800, mm $940 & gm - $1200, epi lockit is now $1300 some items have decreased in price by approx $20A:tup:
  6. Prices in New Zealand have decreased due to the strong NZ$. For example, the (duty free) price of) Naviglio went from NZ$1370 a month ago, to NZ$1220.
  7. I wish Canada would get hit by the price DECREASE.

    Haven't been following foreign currencies very much; how's the Canadian dollar compared to the Australian dollar?
  8. My SA called today and told me, the price of Taiga Dimitri goes up from AUD1260 to AUD1290, which is not too bad.(i was thinking of getting in the near future).She also mentioned, the shoes' price stay, Monogram some up some down, Damier up...
  9. Thanks for the info, I bet they put up more stuff than they bring down in price.:sad:
  10. 1 CAD$ = 1.11167 AUD$ at today's rate. LVs are always MORE expensive here. eg/ LVoe PM will cost CAD$ 719.45:cursing:.

    Thanks for the info Caesar Salad
  11. Thanks for the info, Caesar!
  12. What? The price increased started TODAY?
    I didn't know anything about it otherwise i would have gotten my MC shirley :sad:
  13. Not all items are increased, call customer service for a quote and it might have decreased.:graucho:
  14. I wish the price will only decrease :p
  15. Thanks for the update, Caesar! I wonder if the Suhali bags have gone up :p