For TL..and matte swatch and pink lining

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  1. I just recieved a nice mellow- burned -super -soft- matte- orange..and will post a pic, when the weather clears up.

    But it IS an Orange..though not bright.

    But I can send you my swatches too, if you want??
  2. OMG they've got a picture on BE of the red RM midi and that color is GORGEOUS!
  3. 4-5 months ago I did a BEC order for a RM regular size in just that combo of scarlet pebbled luxe leather and brushed brass hardware, and it's even more gorgeous and rich in person than in the pics.
  4. On the website, the scarlet pebbled RM looks like it has more blue tones than the matte red. GGA (or anyone else) - would you agree? How does the pebbled red compare to the matte red?

  5. yum indeed!! :nuts:

    I'm really in love with the pink lining :heart:

  6. Bonnie, what are your thoughts on the WTMessenger? I've been thinking about it on and off, but haven't quite managed to convince myself that this is a must-get. Would you happen to have any modelling pics?
  7. Just to show how the Light beige looks with gold and the Red..the sun is shining so it is a tad too light, but in tone.

    peppy..the WTM messenger is one cm taller than the Surpise me, but this is enough to have a magasine in a zipped bag! I'll post some pics with a model.

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  8. OMGosh, Bonnie! That beige lining is gorgeous! Wonder if I could do it without destroying it! I keep my stuff in pouches etc. so might be able to get away with it! Wow, that looks stunning together! I see both a Charm Me Mini and an EM in that! I have tassels on the brain! I want a bag with tassels! Thank you, Bonnie! You're the best!!
  9. I don't have my matte red in yet, but I suspect the scarlet pebbled is much bluer in undertone than matte red. I will take comparison pics when the matte red arrives.
  10. the red/beige/gold combo is sooo lovely and elegant........I imagine seeing it in a hold me..........hubbahubba
  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'll send them right back! Do you still have my address?
  12. Soft matte orange? Mellow, burned? I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS SWATCH!
  13. I'm thinking the red pebbled would look great with a purple lining. I NEED A NEW BAG!!!
  14. I LOVE the idea of red with purple lining. Very tempting!
  15. Luckily for me the red pebbled isn't on BEC yet so I can't succumb to temptation.