For TL..and matte swatch and pink lining

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  1. TL..Here you go! The Red matte is very much a light Oxblood red and the pink lining..very mucho pink! :nuts:

    I tried to take a pic with the gold hw and the light beige lining, but the light is bad at the moment. But this combo looks real nice and very classy!

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  2. Thank you thank you! For some reason I had this idea last week of an IB in the red matte and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind. I think I'd go with the gold HW and beige lining, for a classic, yet vibrant look.

    So beautiful, thanks for sharing!!
  3. Thank you, Bonnie!! I'm thinking of an EM in this! What does it feel like? Will it smoosh? An EM has to smoosh! LOL! You are the bestest!
  4. Thanks! I'll take a new set of pics with my old camera ..which I BTW just now found in the's thawing right now, but tomorrow I think it'll be ok, and it gives just the most correct colours!

    The Red matte is such a rich colour, and the leather has some substance! I'm hopefully soon recieving a Stroke me w/ the pink lining and silver hw. This is a fun design, so I thought the lining could also be fun..and I'm def not a girlie type..LOL !
    The second bag will be a LM..I think..w/ the light biege lining and brass hw.

    TL..I dont know the EM..but if this matte behaves like all other'll smooch!!
  5. Awesome, Bonnie! Can't wait to see your bags! The beige lining sounds tempting too! I do like that light pink lining a lot though! What a pretty pink! It'd be beautiful with matte chocolate as well!
  6. ^^Î totally agree!
  7. Wow - this red is stunning! Thank you for posting, Bonnie! Now to decide which bag I need it in... :thinking:
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    Bonnie, there is a beautiful red Rock Me Midi on the BE website now! Did you see it?

    ETA: Bonnie, you don't have swatches of the other new thick matte leathers do you? I know there's a pic somewhere of the thick matte tan but do you have the thick matte brown? Is it very different from matte chocolate? Thank you!
  9. ^^^Sure TL ..I'm getting a WTMessenger in the new thick Brown, hopefully with the Red matte! I'll take a pic of this one as well tomorrow.

    It's a true, rustic dark a pair of old boots!
  10. I saw the WTM messenger on BEC and I love it! I can't wait to see yours!

  11. Thanks, bonnie!
  12. I got this from Rose for the thick matte leathers...

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  13. I got this red matte in a LM, with brass hardware and light beige lining, Bonnie. It's almost finished, so I'll post pics when it comes.
  14. Cannot wait to see pics of your bags, gga and bonnie! I'm confused about the pic Rose sent though since the tan and brown look pretty much identical to matte tan and chocolate matte. I have an old matte tan TME and old matte chocolate LM so don't want to duplicate those leathers although I do love them! So is the thick dark matte tan and thick dark brown leather definitely different than matte tan and matte chocolate?

    I'm thinking I might want a red matte (EM Midi?) and dark brown matte bag later. Not now, gotta enjoy what I got for a bit but I thought it might be wise to put a deposit down now if I really want one or the other or both later. KWIM?
  15. Holy....what's that grey/lavender matte?!

    Also, the gold looks remarkably good with the red, so sophisticated.