For Tiffany's specialists :)

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  1. It might be to late but can someone check and let me know if this looks authentic?

    Thanks a lot
  2. Is there a pic ?
  3. Pics are close enough for me to tell. sorry.
  4. FAKE! the lobester clasp is on the wrong side!
  5. OMG Jennifer - I saw that now but maybe because it's upside down...:crybaby:
    I wonder if I can cancel the bid?
  6. Totally fake!
  7. here is a picture of my necklace that I took a while back

  8. To be honest, I would not pay. If it is not authentic and she is stating it is...that is fraud. I would report the sale, not pay, and try to fight the negative feedback.
  9. I wouldn't pay either, report it to eBay.
  10. haha.. I didn't even realize the clasp was on the wrong side. I had to break out my necklace to see... haven't worn it in a while.. mine is on the right side.

    Nice spotting on that detail!
  11. Nice catch~ I missed that.
  12. What a mess - the seller did not contacted me yet (I've sent him an email before the auction ended to ask if she/he accepts returns in case that it's not authentic - with no response - I should have known better and not to place my bid:crybaby:)
    Should I report it as being a fake now? Will they cancel the auction?
  13. I'd try to contact eBay and see what they say to do?
  14. Try using eBay's "live help" chat. They will usually have a good answer.
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