For those worried about durability of speedy empreinte...

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  1. So I received my new speedy empreinte 25 in infini this week. I waited until today (valentine's day) to take it out. I had just a few outings -- Starbucks, kid's school, and then had to take my dog to physical therapy. On the way back, my almost 80 pound German Shepherd jumped in the front seat to bark at a biker with ALL 80 POUNDS OF HER AND HER WET PAWS WITH CLAWS DIGGING INTO MY PRECIOUS NEW SPEEDY! I still have the image in my mind of those big wet paws smashed down right into my bag. After she finally obeyed my screams to go back I examined my poor little bag and much to my relief, it's fine! This is really an incredibly durable and beautiful bag!
  2. wow! thats really good to know! I am planning to buy this bag soon!
    thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. thank you for sharing!!!
  4. Oh wow, that's terrible but I'm glad to hear that your bag is okay. You have my kind of luck, first day out and tragedy strikes...:rain: Thanks for sharing.
  5. Im glad your baby is okay!
  6. good for you
    enjoy the bag :smile:
  7. So sorry that happened! But great that's is so durable, thank you for sharing :smile:
  8. glad your bag is O.K. -- gotta love Empreinte leather!!
  9. Thanks for sharing your story! I've been sing my non-stop since a few days after Christmas and it's been rained on, snowed on, bumped, smooshed, etc and it still looks beautiful! I love the Empreinte leather. It's so beautiful and durable. I may never buy canvas again!
  10. omg! that image of her claws on empreint will be seared into your memory for a while, lol. i can almost hear your screams. so glad speedy is ok. that is quite a testament to its durability!
  11. Wow thanks for that information. How's your dog doing on physical therapy? I've done that before after a torn ACL and then they had to break the leg to fix it. Was that your dog's injury too?

    Anyway, glad your Emp Speedy took the hit so well and hope your dog is going to be okay. BTW the physical therapy worked out really well for my dog.
  12. Thanks for sharing your story! You have convinced me!! I have three rescue German Shepherds :smile::smile:
  13. thanks for sharing! good to know!!!!😜

  14. Hi there! Thanks for your concern about my doggie! She has hip dysplasia with arthritis in both hips :sad:. She's only two years old. The good news is that the PT is helping and her range of motion is improving. Hopefully not looking at surgery for a long long time.

  15. Awww you are awesome for rescuing! My little girl is a rescue too. Definitely treat yourself to that empreinte, you deserve it!