For those with turquoise bags...

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  1. What do you wear when you carry that bag?

    I love the color but rather unsure what it should be worn with. All neutral colors and allow the bag to be your pop of color? I almost see it as you do red accessories; it becomes the pop of color to a rather neutral outfit.

  2. I think you've got the idea. I live in jeans and often just wear a white or black top and have the splash of turquoise and sometimes I'll have a print top that has a little turquoise in it and let the handbag pull it out. I love :heart::heart: turquoise, enjoy your bag! I have the Monna med., which style do you have?
  3. Thanks Bichon! I actually don't have a turquoise one but keep looking at the turquoise Maddy on ebay. :-|

    I'm torn...I posted the bag here and had it authenticated and everything looks good if she sends the bag pictured. If she doesn't I am in trouble because it is only $200 paypal buyer protection. I've called around; it is nowhere to be found in stores (called both US and Europe).

    I also had them look for the medium Monna in turquoise, but no luck there either. :sad:
  4. I wear my Maddy with black, white, khaki looks really nice, yellow, hot pink looks cool, too. I think this is a casual bag so mostly shorts, or a little is too hot for jeans right now here.
  5. I use mine with just about everything. I mostly wear lots of blacks or browns. And since I bought my bag I have had fun buying things I normally wouldnt buy, like a navy tank with tiny flowers of turquoise also just a white tee. I love the color!
  6. MicheleS, the 25% discount is back again...well, it was a few hours ago. I don't know if this was a BIN auction, although read up on this promo ~ as it might make something on e*Bay worth your while ~ just a suggestion, that's all! Maybe someone on here knows how it works and will chime in.

  7. Thanks dsrk!

    I'm trying to find some more information on this but am coming up empty handed. :sad:

    If anyone knows how this works please let me know.

    Thanks to all of you for your help!