For those with the new camel GD's...(Roey you too!)

  1. Can you explain the leather? Is it the type that shows scratches, almost an "naked" leather? Or is it treated/finished so that if scratched it doesn't show?

    Can you liken it to another brands leather?

    And Roey, since you have a choco and a camel, how do you feel the finishes differ?

    Thanks! :wacko:
  2. To answer your question - i'm not sure if it's treated or untreated leather, i'm too scared to "mock scratch" it to see. I have been using my Caramel bag this week and have yet to have a mark on it if that helps any?
    The leather is super soft - much softer than Kooba bags - can't really compare to Botkier (since I have the pebbled leather on that bag and this one is smooth).
    All 3 of my bags have soft leather.

    Are you thinking of ordering another GD bag?
  3. I got my caramel GD on Tuesday and I love it! The leather doesn't seem untreated to me, but I also haven't tried to scratch it. It doesn't seem to be that fragile or delicate though. The color is yummy and has grown on me more each day. It's really really soft.
  4. The leather will scratch on the GD bags. I have a chocolate one that has recieved a few. I just rub them with my finger and they seem to go away. With a darker colour you can do that, I don't know about the caramel.
  5. I think what Bjara means is either it's more vintage/matt leather OR the more formal/shinnier leather. Mine is the latter one, you can still make a scratch with your nail on it but it can be erased easily by rubbing it with your finger or with conditioner. I know Darelgirl's the more matt/vintage one, it's also lighter than mine. As you can see, it seems easier to make scratch marks on her, I think it adds character to the bag.

    Here are the pictures of our bags (she wouldn't mind me using it here:biggrin: I know), first one is mine with a Werthers Original candy on it, 2nd one is Darelgirl's:

    Hope they help.
    GDCamelcandy2.JPG DSC00769.JPG
  6. What great pictures- thank you for posting these!

    Are these both in the Camel color? Is the variation in color due to the lighting or do they vary that much IRL?

    I'm still trying to figure out the difference between the Camel/ Caramel/ Tan myself...
  7. They are both the camel charlotte, the colours do vary, mine is darker for sure.
  8. sorry, i'm still a newbie. what is a "GD?" they look hot though!
  9. I don't know. Someone needs to stop me. :blink:
  10. Awesome pic of your bag, KK!! I can really get a feel for the smooth leather on the camel. I was having a hard time picturing just how smooth it is. :biggrin:

    Question for those who have the camel from BG, does your leather resemble KK's bag?

    A huge thank you!!!!
  11. My camel bag looks smooth/matte from a cursory glance, but up close it has a very slight texture/grain. I thought it was interesting upon checking it over how there are no minor shadings or imperfections in the leather - it is one uniform color throughout. The leather is soft and mallable. In terms of a finish, it looks neither shiny nor flat; I'm guessing it is untreated. I can see natural shadings on KK's bag that I don't see on mine at all.

    The chocolate is softer with more of a pebbled grain. It feels more mallable than the camel too. The leather has a slight sheen and looks richer overall.
  12. Thanks for your help, roey. :biggrin:

    When you get a chance, is it possible to get a super close up of the texture of the leather on your bag? Similar to KK's? Pleeeeaaase? :P
  13. Ok, that is exactly what I was wondering about.

    It sure is difficult without GD being sold a lot of places here in the US.
  14. Mine is like the first photo posted - color and finish wise. (It doesn't really scratch up)
  15. The pic on the left is the closest to what my bag looks like. The leather is smooth, but not shiny. I'd imagine that it would show some scratches.