For those with Sunset Blvd, how is the bag working for U?

  1. Some of you have had this bag for almost a month now and I wondered how you're enjoying or not enjoying the bag so far? What are some of the perks?

    It looks so handy with the zippered pouch inside and the 6 cc slots. I could see this being a bag I even use for shopping.

    So, thumbs up:tup: or down:tdown:?
  2. Great question, I would like to know too!!! are you often using it?
  3. After having the Sunset, I hardly use any other bag at all coz it work perfect for me. It can be use as a wallet which I can put it in my speedy 25 if I want to carry many things just take out the strap. I can use it as a bag in the day time and use it as a clutch if I go out at night. very useful bag in my opinion. My perle sunset is not showing any fingerprint. It's good for quick errand also coz it light and got everything I need just in case. Now thinking about getting the amarante one.I'm so in love with her now coz I found this bag serve all my needs and I carry my speedy less and less(imo) :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I details all things I put in my bag so you will have some rough idea!!!
    In the bag, I put all my essential cards, cash , pda phone, a small pack of mint ball, NARS blush cream (a black square thin pack), oil blotter pack, a thin pen and I'm done!!!!
  4. I also love it cause I had a date last weekend, and I felt so sexy carrying her, plus I could put my glasses in the zippered compartment and they were a perfect fit, so i could read the this is always a problem with the Shirley and the Lexington, my glasses get squished...

    The Sunset is better designed IMO, so it fits everything I need for a little night out, I have amarante and I love the color! It's a really good bag! So happy I got her!
  5. Ohhh, great question....still thinking about getting on too :smile:
  6. I've actually only used her once or twice, but want to use her more, I change bags everyday and have been using my azure organizer inside bigger day bags.... I will begin to use the Sunset more and more, now she is just sitting out on a shelf, being admired....
  7. I think it is adorable too! I really don't have a use for it, as my hubby and I don't go out much... I love to hear the feedback!
  8. I love it except for the fingerprints on my amarente. Great bag, highly recommend!!!
  9. I bought mine for formal use. I've since used it once for a recent wedding. It fit everything I needed, except a camera. Other than that, I love it. I want to see it in the new Pomme color!
  10. mmm...i normally bought the sunset for formal use but i've used it more than i actually thought i would since the bag fit alot more stuff than i thought. i love it cus it has the zippered area for my money, cc slots, and enough space to fit my cell phone, keys, compact and lipgloss without getting all bulgy and out of shape. feels great since its alot lighter than when im carrying my speedy.
  11. :tup::tup::tup: It fits enough and it's very practical with the slots. Also I holds up well and no vachetta to worry about.
  12. Wow, I like that there are many positive attributes!! Keep 'em coming, gals! Thank you!
  13. I've been using mine on and off since I got it nearly 2 months ago. I like how the strap comes off. When I'm in a rush I've even thrown it in my bigger bag and used it as a wallet :lol:. But since I got it in Perle I have had a few dreams of getting color transfer from the lining of a dark bag...
  14. i like small bags.. so i love my sunset boulevard !!! it is not as common as porchette and i just love the gold plate in the front :p
  15. Again, thank you all for your opinions. I also feel like this bag is so different from the pochette so it'll stand out.

    Here's the exciting news: I bought it through eLux today in amarante....I'll let you know the verdict as soon as it arrives. :wlae: