For those with Quinny Zapp...

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  1. Does it bothers you that it can't be reclined?
    And what do you like / hate about your Zapp?

    I have a Maclaren XLR.
    We love it. But it can be quite heavy and bulky when we travel.

    And together with our luggages, it does take up quite a bit of space.
    I can never travel light... and now with a baby it seems even more impossible.

    Our baby is 5 months old...
    We are thinking of getting another stroller.
    We'll be doing quite a bit of traveling this year!

    I love the design of Quinny Buzz. And been hitting myself for not getting it whenever I see one.
    Which why I now considering a Quinny Zapp.

    Another Maclaren seems to be a 'safe' choice... but another Maclaren?

    How's the Zapp when it comes to travelling and sleeping babies?
  2. I've got a Buzz, which I LOVE, that our 5 month old rides in (we still use the bassinet, but will be moving to the seat soon) and we just purchased a Zapp. But, we got the Zapp for our older daughter for when she gets tired of walking(heading to Disney for a week in April). The baby will be riding in the Buzz, since it reclines. I think it won't be a big deal once the baby can sit up well, but she isn't quite there yet. My 4 yr old seems pretty comfortable in it, at least.

    Not having used it more than a few minutes at a time yet (just got it last week) I will say it pushes incredibly easily and turns on a dime. As in I can drive it easily with one hand, WITH the 4 yr old in it. It also folds up really compactly, but it's not the lightest thing out there- I think it's about 18 lbs.

    I think your best bet would be to go test drive one somewhere, and see if the baby looks comfortable in it, before you buy one. I'd guess that at 5 months, it still might be a little much- but once you hit the 7-8 month mark, it would probably work well.
  3. I love how small it becomes when folded down (I read somewhere it's the smallest fold in the market). Like PP said, it turns on a dime, and is soooo easy to maneuver. But, yes, you're right, the lack of recline makes it somewhat uncomfortable for my LO. So we use it on short outings only. Longer outings require the Buzz.
  4. I am interested in this thread as I like the buzz.... is it good for tall people? I am 5'8 and my husband is 6 feet.
  5. Will be returning home with my LO (her first time) in two weeks time...:yahoo:

    Not bringing our Maclaren XLR and will be using the stroller throughout her one month stay.
    Planning to buy a stroller at home and we have no chance to try it then!

    I love Zapp's design, bright colors (we chose a plain black for our Maclaren! hee!) and that its different from other stroller when folded.

    We, however find our XLR heavy at 16.3lbs and awkward to carry sometimes. It's 'long'

    Seems like not being able to recline is still problem...
  6. I just ordered the Zapp for my toddler. He has a Stokke Explory but my mom is annoyed how hard it is for her to put together. So she wanted the Zapp because it folds real small. So we'll see real soon. I do recommend to get a stroller that reclines for an infant... They tend to snooze a lot during outings in the stroller. Maybe the Buzz is a better fit for you.
  7. We have the Zapp, but up until DS was about 8/9 months old we used the Maxi Cosi capsule with the Zapp instead of the Zapp on its own. Given that the Zapp cannot recline IMO i don't think it is appropriate for a newborn or a baby who cannot hold their neck up or sit up properly. I do love the Zapp though as it is ideal to go shopping in, very easy to wheel around and turn and extremely light. Some of the things i don't like about it, is the fact that you cannot hand a bag off its handles. With the Maxi Cosi we bought and could fit a basket underneath it, once we converted it onto the actual Zapp the basket had to be taken off, so there was no room for anything else other than the baby.
  8. If you're talking about not having a storage area, this is what I bought for my Zapp, and it works out perfectly for us:
  9. Also, I want to add that for younger babies, if you have the Maxi Cosi infant car seat, you can attach it directly onto the Zapp:


    That's what I did until my LO was big/old enough to sit up unassisted and in the regular Zapp chair.
  10. Thank you everyone for the advices.

    I have the Keyfit 30 to go with my Maclaren XLR.
    did consider the maxi-cosi with zapp before getting the maclaren...
    I m trying to remember why we didn't get that. :P

    I think I am going to wait till my girl is older before getting the Zapp.
    I am determined to get one!

    Will be looking into other lightweight stroller with recline...
  11. I decided to get the Zapp as a second stroller (it hasn't shipped yet due to the holiday weekend). I have (and love) the Bumbleride Indie for our daily walks but needed something ultra-compact for my small car. We went on a trip a couple weeks back to visit the grandparents out of state and the Indie took up SO MUCH room so I decided I needed something to keep in the car for trips like this. I debated getting the Bumbleride Flite which is comparable, but the compact fold of the Zapp won me.
  12. I would not recommend one. I really loved the idea of how small it is folded,but then I saw a friends 20mth old in it and he just looked sooooo uncomfortable especially when trying to nap that I just couldn't do it to my daughter. His head would fall forwards, with zero support and flop about with every movement. Even when awake he never looked very comfy in it.
  13. We used this set up for all three of my boys up until around 9 months when they started outgrowing the carseat. I loved that if they fell asleep in the car it was easy to click them into the Zapp without having to wake them up. Also found it great for overseas trips. I did find that the base of the Zapp is too wide for very narrow escalators and it's not very well balanced so you can't hang anything heavy off the back.

    After 9 months we switched to a Maclaren Quest. I found my boys didn't need a full recline to sleep comfortably so the Quest is perfect. I haven't used the Zapp much as a stroller.
  14. FYI, Dorel recently announced the Quinny Zapp Xtra, which WILL recline!!! :biggrin: But, (wah) it looks like it will only be available in Europe (for the time being). It's due end of this month.