For those who were placing bets on my Manhattan.....

  1. When I was in the boutique to pick up my flat pouch (which I didn't keep), I was talking to an SA/repair guy who was on his 2nd to last day of working for the company and he told me that the Manhattan is the #1 repaired bag. The buckles are constantly coming off. He also said that his Aunt is the Director at another store and both he and she think that it's not worth the money for it. So anyways............that kind of helped me decide. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty looking bag but just not for me. So yes, I returned it. UGH.

    Now I'm on a mission to get a new bag. Don't throw stones at me LV lovers, but I'm not sure if it's going to be another LV, Coach, Prada, Balenciaga or maybe a Gucci. I have always wanted a Gucci. But I think if it's going to be another LV, I think I'm gonna get a Damier piece instead of mono as I'm really not hearing any mono bags screaming my name right now! Oh and I'm waitlisted for the rivets pochette but other than that, I think I'm gonna wait till Vegas to get a new bag. I REALLY need to sit and think about this instead of being a compulsive shopper!
  2. The Manhattan has given you lots of drama! :p Good luck on your bag hunt- and it better be an LV! :lecture: :roflmfao:
  3. No one will throw stones on you.:yes: May be you just have to let her go,Good thing that my manhattan didn't give me any problem at all. I still think she's pretty and i use her with care. ANyways Goodluck on your next purchase I also have a damier speedy very durable, classy, elegant looking as well.
  4. Hope it's LV, show us what you get when you decide.:yes:
    WHen is Vegas trip? Have fun!
  5. Can't wait to see what you decide to get!
  6. :yes:
  7. good luck on your bag hunt! I love the rivets pochette too! That might be in my near future...
  8. So glad you decided! I'm probably just as indecisive as you are, I just keep buying stuff that's second hand and not returnable!
  9. Good luck on your hunt! There are alot of hot gucci bags out now!
  10. lol! aw i had a feeling it was going back! i hope you get a bag you love! i LOVE the gucci abbey by the way. that is one GORGEOUS bag!
  11. Hi there,

    glad to hear that you got that sorted :p Maybe it's for the best, I mean, what fun is a bag you feel gulity/not a 100% convinced of?! KWIM?

    I'm sure you'll find your absolute dream bag soon :yes:

    BTW, what happened to the Cerises Pochette? Did you go for it?
  12. I freaked out about buying on eBay so I passed on it.
  13. aww thats too bad about your manhattan...
    maybe you will get another lv bag that you like even better!
  14. I am surprised that the Manhattan is the most repaired bag. It seems so hardy.
  15. oh, I totally can understand that :shame:

    Sometimes it's just not worth the excitement and hassle when it comes to eBay ... it's such a drah to end upp with a fake and having to go through all this :censor: to get your money back, etc