for those who use wristlet as wallet


Sep 28, 2007
Sometimes, people do organize it and sometimes people don't. In the end, when we get home from shoppping, usually most people organize their wristlets out. I think Wristlets are great alternatives for wallets. I wouldn't wanna spend freakin 200 bucks on a wallet, when adding just a couple of hundred more would get me a bag and/or give me 200 more bucks into a cheaper wallet I have. Sorry, that's just the way I view it as, since i'm only 17 yrs old. I guess i'm more responsible in spending my money when I'm young and hopefully when I'm older also.


Jul 24, 2007
I use my wristlet when i use my signature stripe messenger (not the swingpack). Any how, some stores have this ID holder that holds your liscence in a clear slot, then there are two or three slots to hold other cards. I got mine at Wilson's leather. I put this in my wristlet and it also divides any other cards and the cash i have. I just toss my change in there too and it works really great. I hope this helps!:idea:


Daily Coach Fixation
May 11, 2007
AZ - the Desert State
I agree with the ladies here. I also don't want to spend over $200 on a wallet that won't really fit into my smaller Coach handbags. The wristlet is priced more reasonable and it fits into my swingpacks when I just need to run short errands, it's more versatile. I have also grouped my drivers license/auto insurance/health insurance cards into a plastic sleeve to separate them from the other cards and just throw all my credit cards, dollar bills, and change all in the wristlet. It's been working out pretty nicely so far. Whenever I don't use the wristlet as a wallet, I can easily use it as a small cosmetic bag instead for my lipsticks/glosses (since lipstick melts so easily out here in AZ!).


goddess ^_^
Mar 3, 2007
Honolulu, HI
The only wristlet I use as a "wallet" is my Legacy striped oxford to match my white Ali and Legacy rose flap. As much as I'd like a matching wallet, I'm not willing to pay the price. I was very lucky to get a black leather wallet and doe leather wallet from the outlet for about $50 each, so I use those as my staple wallets to match all my bags.

As far as the organization goes, I pretty much just put my ID's, cards, and money together.


handbag addict!!
Aug 25, 2006
I use wristlets because they're easy to match my bags and is less expensive than an average wallet. I throw all my money and cc in the wristlet, but i organized clump change in a mini skinny.


Neurotic 4 Alignment
Nov 7, 2005
i normally use my credit cards to separate the cash and receipts in there also i put my razr phone inside as well. i never used it as a real wallet inside a smaller purse. the smallest thing i have is a demi and i normally just change into a smaller wallet for it


cat lover
Jun 9, 2007
I use either two mini skinnies or a wristlet and a mini skinny -- one for my ID, credit cards, and cash, and the other for the frequent shopper cards and coupons. I've pretty much switched completely from using wallets as I don't ever have enough to fill them and I think it looks silly with empty card slots :P.


Jul 6, 2007
I could never use just a wristlet and no wallet. I don't know why, I just think I would lose things or something. I have to have a checkbook wallet to keep everything all in one place. JMO