For those who spend $1000+ on a handbag...


For those who spend $1000+ on a handbag, what's your yearly take home salary?

  1. None...that's what parents are for!

  2. 0 - 25k

  3. 26k - 50k

  4. 51k - 75k

  5. 76k - 100k

  6. 101k - 250k

  7. 251k - 500k

  8. 501k - 999k

  9. 7 figures!

  10. other...

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  1. On average, what's your yearly take home salary? (if you combine your income with a SO or if they're the sole provide, include that into the total.)

    No need to actually post your income, that's why I opted for a poll.
  2. This will be interesting! I'm not quite sure what to put. I make $0.00: it's my parents that pay for my living expenses and bag habits. I guess I'll list their income?
  3. I am in the same boat as Intlset...cept' the parents part gets replaced by PHB! haha!
  4. the statistics are so odd as of now. highest is 101k-250k followed by 0-25k..
  5. Voted. But I might rather be the guy who voted "other"! :biggrin:
  6. People who make less than 25k buy a $1,000 purse?!? Wow. I'm stunned.
  7. Maybe they take a longer while to save up for the purses, or perhaps their income is supplemented by a trust or their parents' money. I can think of a lot of young women in the museum world who make $25K and wear Chanel suits!
  8. ^^ That's me. Well, not the Chanel suit (I wish!), but I do have savings which I use for bag purchases. I believe I've also used some money from my student loans. I live at home, so my expenses are pretty low.
  9. When I voted, I just put in my income but my bf does buy me purses every now and then and my parents do give me money too.
  10. heee... damn! i'm the 101k - 250k range...... i buy my own cuz i KNOW my BF doesnt get my bag fettish.. nor do i think he'd "get the right one!" LOL! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. ^^^ what kinda job do u have LOL
  12. I dont work soooo its all my parents
  13. I don't spend $1000+ on a handbag, that's why my name is NOMONEY. Not yet, who knows, maybe soon.
  14. I'm a college student & waitress so I don't make loads of money but it is enough to help me shopping addiction. Since I don't have to pay for too much, I have discounted tutition & my car is paid off, so I'm not really sacrificing living expenses.
  15. i dont have that many bags that r over a grand........ the next one will probably my paddy and for that, I am willing to save up for it........ maybe at the end of the yr or something..