For those who sold your pre-loved bags on Ebay, how much did you get back?

  1. I know it depends on the condition, popularity and demand. But would you describe in general what bags you have sold on eBay, and in general how much did you get back? I know it is hard to say goodbye to any of our bags but sometimes, to fund new purchases, some hard decisions have to be made.
  2. I usually get about half or a little more. They were all in excellent condition with tags, dustbags, receipts, authenticity cards, etc.
  3. normally chanel resell values are not top notch (out of all designers) but with the recent price increases - if you got your bags long ago... you could be lucky and get near 75% I suppose. But 50-60% is always the average. and of course for example: if its cambon line (ugh...esp. the pink and beige that got discounted at major department stores) then your resell value is def. UNDER 50%.
  4. I just listed my yellow chanel classic on eBay and I'm hoping to get at least 50% back. If you have your authenticity cards etc, it shouldn't be a problem getting back at least half of what you paid for. Good luck!
  5. My very first Chanel bag was not a popular style and I only got about half and had only carried it a few times. Beyond that all my used Chanel sales on eBay have broken even or made a profit over what I paid....noting that some of mine I bought used.
  6. i have sold a pink/black cambon bowler for around $800, when I got it in 2004 it was like $1287 including tax.