For those who saw VT - does it look anything like this?

  1. Is it similar to the color of this Marc Jacobs bag?

    I'm trying to decide if i should get it or not and so far BALNY only has it - so if it looks like the MC bag... then i'm definitely sold on the color!

    Thanks guys!
  2. I would say no. The MJ looks more "dusty" and closer to Bal Dolma the VT color is greener/more saturated. Here's the pic aerynna posted. I think it looks very similar IRL.

    vert thyme work resised.JPG
  3. ohh ok.. it loook very very similar to vert foret!
  4. ^^ Not similar to Vert Foret at all IMHO.

    "More like a mix between Origan/Dolma" I believe is what pluiee said when she reported from Paris.
  5. Here is a VT part-time with GGH

    Without flash


    With flash

  6. Lietta, is this the new Vert Thyme?
  7. I adore the new VT! Anybody know if BalNY has the city/rh in yet? I am on the waiting list for one but no call yet.
  8. ^^ Strange. When I emailed them for availability of VT with RH, I was told there's one for sale right away.
  9. different for sure. the MJ one is nice!
  10. dupe post

  11. that's nice!!! thanks for posting.