For those who saw Miroir or heard about it...r/o

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  1. is the pochette bigger than a normal sized poch?
  2. it seems that it's bigger than normal pouchette and very flat~
  3. Hmmmm....I might try to get on the WL for the pap then. I can't decide which will be less tacky looking though, the gold or the silver. hah.

    I think silver.....which should ideally be done in small doses and that's why I thought the poch might work but if it's really flat then it wouldn't work for me I think.

    Hmmm..I wish we had more pics.
  4. Saw all the pieces today, the pochette is really thin lol but bigger
  5. i think it's UNWEARABLE!!!! the metallic shine is blinding!!!

    btw, I saw the Spring/Summer shoes that's supposed to match the miroir line....UGLY!!! The heal wasn't very high, more like a 2 inch wedge style, and the straps were THICK.... I dunno about others, but I prefer HIGH HEELS and elegant, skinny straps SVP!
  6. Thin? My gosh, I don't want it to be thinner than the pochettes from other lines.
  7. thin??? hmmmm...won't fit much ..such dilema!
  8. We will have to see HOW thin :graucho:
  9. If I call my local boutique will they let me see them too?
  10. :roflmfao: