for those who run/cycle/swim: easy way to carry id!

  1. Road ID

    i found this today and it is such a great idea! i never take my id or cell phone with me on runs because most of my running gear doesn't have pockets. my husband and dad have been on me for months to start carrying them but it's so uncomfortable even in the few pieces of gear with pockets....impossible in all the others. the pouches i've tried don't work well either. i figured i can't be the only one with this dilemma. :smile:

    i run in a pretty safe place with no cars but i could still trip and fall or have an unexplained seizure or heatstroke or anything really....who knows what's going to happen.

    my husband is an EMT and i ran these by him. he said they would notice for the arm band right away (probably before they could find your traditonal ID/cell phone), would maybe notice the ankle band or shoe pouch (because the pouch looks like a wallet), but probably not the the shoe tag alone. he also said the brighter colors like yellow, pink or red would be best b/c they're most visible.

    i'm so excited i can make everyone finally stop worrying about me. hope it helps someone else too. :smile:
  2. That's a great idea. I've always wondered what would happen to me if I was hit by a car during my daily walk. I usually don't carry anything other than an ipod and chapstick.
  3. I have one of those:smile:
  4. Cool, thanks for the link!
  5. My mom got me one of those in the past but it had my old address on it. Maybe I should get another one. Very good idea.

    My dad used to have a dog tag with his name and address on it that he would tuck into a little pocket in a wrist band he wore when he was into running.