For those who requested pics...AMETHYST LEGACY SATCHEL 12704 and BOTTLE GREEN BRIDGIT

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  1. Ok, guys, it's here...FINALLY!!! Fedex was supposed to be here by 10:30am since it was a priority overnight. They were over 3 hours late!!!:cursing:

    I have to say this satchel is SOOOO much nicer than the top handle!!! Seriously...this amethyst color is TDF!!! Of course I have to try my stuff in it (I just unpacked it), but here are a couple of quick shots. I'll post more along with the Bridgit shortly (as soon as I remove all the paper!).

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  2. oooo, whats the style # & price on that baglady? is it pretty roomy? (it looks like it!) it is absolutely gorgeous! i need one! congrats! :tup:
  3. OOooo the color is TDF......I saw this in brown over the fits nicely over my shoulder....I am seriously jealous...:girlsigh:
  4. Here are more p8ics of the satchel...

    Coachgirl, it's not a huge bag...I would say medium size. Somewhere I posted the dimensions, but I'll look that up and post them again shortly. The style number is 12704, and is $698.

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  5. yeah your right baglady it doesn't look like an overly large bag... do you think they will have this bag this friday for the new floorsets? then i'll just try it on there...
  6. OK, by my own measurements, I get 14.5" (W, widest point) x 9.25" (H, to top, not zipper) x 5.25" (D, bottom seam to seam excluding front pocket).

    The official Coach measurements are a tiny tad smaller, but this is real close!

  7. Yeah, they should have an may not be in the amethyst color, though. My SA's store had bottle green and amethyst. It's actually a great size bag IMO...not too big and not too small! I LOVE far!!!
  8. WOWEEEEE...I love that color.

    Can you post pics once you have all the packing out and your stuff in it? I would love to see what it looks like with no packing.
  9. I love it! The color is si vibrant! enjoy her. I will check back to see the bridget!
  10. Here's a bottle green Bridgit photo. I have to work with the others because there's a glare from the shiny leather. I like this color but not nearly as well as the amethyst. JMO, though!

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  11. Sure! I want to show it to DH first with all the packing, though. Then I'll try my stuff and take more photos!!

    Back shortly!!
  12. I love the color on the satchel.
  13. I had my Mandy out earlier, and here is a size comparison with the satchel... Also with the Bleecker woven hobo, which I haven't removed the paper out of (it slouches a LOT more than this). Hopefully you can kind of get an idea on size!

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  14. I love it, it's beautiful! :heart:

  15. The amethyst color is so pretty. I'm liking it more than the bottle green. I also really like the satchel too.