For those who own the Olympe line

  1. For those of you who own a bag from this line, how do you find the straps? They are quite thick and braided, do they stay on your shoulder or are they too thick? Thanks!
  2. From what I can see, even though the strap is thick it is also very soft and it should stay on your shoulder.
  3. Mine stays on just fine(Nimbus)..LOVES IT!
  4. they're big, but very comfortable, and they stay on my shoulder just fine :yes:
  5. I find that on the Nimbus, the strap stays on fine, since it is just one thick braided strap. Keep in mind that the strap is really soft and plush so although it is big, it does not dig into your shoulder. However, I also purchased the Stratus GM and Stratus PM, I am still deciding if I should keep the GM because that big is ginormous, on the Stratus GM, the handles are really big, and since there are 2 handles, I find that one of them keeps sliding off my shoulder. But the stratus PM is just the perfect size, the handles on the PM are about half the size and they fit perfectly on my shoulder. I love this Olympe collection, it is so chic and understated luxury. Definetly recommend this line to anyone.