?? For those who own the Azur Zippy Wallet.

  1. so this is the wallet i want (cause i dont like to fold my money and i love the damier azur) but i am concerned about the zipper getting dirty.
    it seems like the fabric part of the zipper is white...im afraid that that part will get all dirty and the rest will obviously stay clean. i just dont want it to look weird. but i dont want to have to baby the wallet.

    anyone have this wallet??
  2. I don't have the wallet but I do have the pochette. I haven't noticed a problem with the zipper getting dirty at all.
  3. agree with LVbabydoll, i got azur mini pochette and so far there is no problem of the zipper got dirty..

    i dont think there would be any probs with it and i believe maybe after years and years when it happened to get too dirty for your liking, you could always come back to LV and ask them to replace it with the new one..

    i say get it, azur zippy is sooo pretty :drool:
  4. I have this wallet. I got it about 2 months ago and I use it almost every single day. I've had no problems with the fabric along the zipper. Get it! I'm really happy with it.
  5. get it !
  6. ohh....im gettin it. :graucho:

    i still wanna find that darn bracelet first!
  7. I have this wallet and at first I was worried about that as well, But it's perfectly clean . It has a large zipper pull so your hand never even touches the fabric part. You hold it by the canvas part and I haven't even needed to clean that. It's a great wallet and surprizingly low maintance.