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  1. Which one do you wear the most? I have the beige with gold, black with gold and navy with silver at my apartment. I am only keeping one and driving myself crazy deciding.

    I already have a black epi tote from LVMH so I'm not sure if the black with gold is too similar.

    Which color is the most year round?
  2. I have a black/ gold and a recently acquired a beige/ gold, but haven't had a chance to wear the beige because of a defect. They are both so gorg.! Navy sounds great, but not over these 2.
  3. I think it will depend on your lifestyle, your wardrobe, and the different settings you are in throughout the day. I don't know that much about LV styles. I would pick the black first but, if it is similar in style, size, or functionality to the LV bag I would perhaps pick the beige.

    I have black GH, Navy SH, red SH, and beige GH. I carry the black the most, Navy second, red third, and beige the least. HTH
  4. Thank you both so much. Do you wear these bags into the evening? I want to keep all three but I know its too much.

    Do any of you own the PST? I don't know if I should keep two GST or get one GST and one PST. (I have also purchased the beige GH and the white SH). Maybe the PST is more functional from day to night?

    I have SOO many returns to make. I made all these purchases in the last few weeks because of the price increase on Sunday. I'm driving my fiance crazy with all my chanel boxes around the apartment.
  5. I wear the camel (beige) the with gold and white with silver the most.......wish I had more of them before the increase............
  6. I don't have the PST. I do use it in the evening. However, it depends on the event and settings. If it is a social setting with lots of people and limted space, I typcially will leave it in my car trunk and use simply my matching WOC that I always carry in my GST. HTH
  7. I own two, one in Navy w/t shw and one in Black w/t shw. I would keep the Navy GST since you already have a black LV that would suit your need for a black tote. Beige is more wearable in the Spring and Summer whereas Navy can be worn during all season.
  8. Thank you all so much for this helpful advice!!! I really appreciate it. There are so many chanel bags I want!!!