For those who own Mastic or have seen it IRL, does it look like this pic?

  1. In most of the photos I've seen on tPF, Mastic appears to be a yellowish brown color. I'd like to know if IRL Mastic resembles the photo below, a beautiful light brown.......I love the color on this's gorgeous!

  2. I'd say it's not quite that goldish. When I saw it IRL, I honestly thought it was SS. The more I looked at it I became sure it was Mastic because it is *more* yellow than SS but I'd say not quite that golden. That one is kind of glowing in that pic, isn't it? :nuts:
  3. Here's Shasta's Mastic City.......see how it looks more yellow than the Day I have posted above. If it's really more light brown irl, I'm going for it.

    As you can tell, I'm really jonesen for a new bag!

  4. The color in Shasta's pic is very true to life. I was looking at a mastic City at Nordstrom Sac last night and I think Shasta did a great job capturing the color. The first pic you posted is a lot more brown than the bag I saw IRL.

    By the way, they also had a sandstone part time and mastic has a lot more yellow than sandstone. Side by side the colors are quite different.
  5. I haven't seen Mastic IRL, but I'd describe Sandstone as being a light taupey brown IRL ...I think SS might be more of what you're looking for...
  6. If i remember correctly, it looks more like the 2nd pic. Shasta's. but not as dark.
  7. I've seen Mastic IRL and have to agree that it appears close to Shasta's city. That' why I came back to look for my SS Day but nowhere to be found. Cracker, I have a feeling that the light brown you might be looking for is closer to the SS color.
  8. Cracker, Shasta's pic is more accurate.:yes:
  9. Thanks girls! I've had sandstone and it's more taupe. I was hoping that the Mastic was more like caramel 05 but just a bit lighter.
  10. Mastic is not quite as brown as 05 caramel, more golden. It is very pretty!
  11. [​IMG]
    This is Powder's pic....:girlsigh:...just gorgeous!
    Shasta's beautiful many kinds of mastic, so little time! I am lusting after this color too!