for those who own keepalls...

  1. what size did you get and why?

    i'm looking at possibly saving for new luggage for my birthday. i take mostly 1-3 day trips but do have a week long vacation every year or so. i can't decide between the 45, 50, and 55. no 60 because i would absolutely NEVER check LV luggage. :smile: leaning towards the 50, but sometimes i think it's too small, other times i think it's too big.

    also, do you use your shoulder strap?

    thanks! :smile:
  2. I have a 60 and it's old (I think it was made in 84)! It used to belong to my mom. I LOVE it! If it's not too full, you CAN check it on a plane (I've done it before).
  3. I have a 55 - it's perfect for 4 day trips if you pack it fairly full. Unfortunately, it's pretty heavy by then.

    I have a shoulder strap but never use it.
  4. I prefer the 45 for a carryon becuase I like to smush bags underneath the seat in front of me- but for your needs I'd recommend the 50. To me, the shoulder strap, while useful, detracts a lot of elegance from the bag.
  5. I think anything smaller than 50 is useless as a luggage (unless you have doll size clothes:lol: )!
  6. Exactly! and seeing how the price difference between each size is quite small, the bigger the better!!!!
  7. I have the's the only size the black multicolore came in :P
  8. i've got the 50 with the strap. i recon it's worth the extra $$$ for the convenience of a shouder strap. i was told that it's the max allowed carry-on size for domestic flights. the size for me is just right for 1-3 days away. im always inclined to stuff as much inside the bag, so i try and limit the size as well. big bags = more stuff = heavier
  9. I have a 45 also, from the Cerises line. :smile:
  10. Yeah I have the 45 but I barely get to use it since my parents take it over whenever we go anywhere. So I just use my Mezzo for clothes hehe. I think I want one of the Damier keepalls when they come out though.
  11. Keepall 50 with strap, it meets the standard for carry on (55 max). My SA recommend this size because she has one . I just wanted to be safed. Incase one day they change the regulation (smaller size), my duffle still meet the requirement. I just can't bear the thought to check in my keepall.
  12. First I got me LOOOOVE The Epi Keepall in 45, that size however was too small for me and I opted for the Monogram 55...I think if you're getting a keepall and plan to use it quite often than a shoulder stra is neccessary, if not ( like me) the strap makes it look a little too modern than classic...
  13. thank you all so much for your replies...this has definately given me some things to think about! :smile:
  14. I have a 55, and I bought it simply because it was the biggest size I could have as a carry-on at flights, and I didn't really give it much concern. However, I also take very short trips, about 1 or 2 nights away, and since I don't pack so much it ends up sagging, and it's really not nice at all. So I'm planning on getting a keepall 45 (MC), and I hope to buy one within the summer. But anyways, if you're gone for 1-3 days as you wrote you should definatly go for a 45 or 50 unless you're a very heavy packer.
  15. i have the 45 because i am small, i think you should get a bag relative to you and your size and therefore the size of your clothing! i guess my clothing could qualitfy for "doll size" however i mostly will use it for other bags, jewlery and other things i dont trust the airline to check!!! and i find the strap to be VERY useful and because it is detatchable you can take it off once out of the airport etc!